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Axis T90C20 fixed dome vandal-resistant infrared illuminator for use with P33-series, with PoE

Axis T90C20 fixed dome vandal-resistant infrared illuminator for use with P33-series, with PoE
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  • Compatible with Axis P33 series IP cameras
  • Power over Ethernet support
  • Axis 3-year warranty
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Overview of the Axis T90C20

The T90C20 is the PoE version of Axis T90C10 infrared illuminator.

The Axis T90C20 vandal-resistant infrared illuminators are compatible with the Axis P33 range of network cameras, providing infrared illumination to allow for continuous recording at all times of the day. Able to operate with just 13W of power, the T90C20 is a cost-effective and energy-efficient illumination unit which can be powered using a Power over Ethernet connection. The built-in LEDs have a long life-cycle, helping to save on maintenance and provide a long-term surveillance solution.

The vandal-proof casing helps to protect against attempts to damage the LEDs and against extreme weather such as heavy rain and stormy conditions.

Key features and benefits of the Axis T90C20

  • Power over Ethernet compatible
  • Outdoor-ready for quick installation with no additional mounting equipment
  • High-intensity infrared LEDs help the camera to capture clear monochrome imagery in total darkness
  • Wide angle of view and coverage for up to 30 metres (dependant on environment and installation conditions)
  • Low power consumption for an energy-efficient security solution
  • Tough and durable housing helps protect against harsh weather conditions and vandalism attempts

Typical applications of the Axis T90C20

The Axis T90C20 is ideal for outdoor surveillance in areas which require large areas to be monitored around-the-clock, including loading areas, warehouses, entrances and for perimeter surveillance.

Included accessories for the Axis T90C20

  • Pre-mounted 5m power cable

Key technical features for the Axis T90C20

Type: 850nm semi-covert
Environment: outdoor
Casing: IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated, vandal resistant aluminium casing
Power: Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
Dimensions: 256mm (L) x 130mm (H) x 47mm (D)
Weight: 0.7kg
Power Consumption: 13W
Cable Length: 2.5m (8ft)
Maximum Illumination Angle: angle of beam: 180°, primary beam (max effect): 120°
Distance: 20-30m (67-98ft) dependant on environment and installation
Operating temperatures: -40°C - 55°C

Documentation for the Axis T90C20

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