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Axis T90A42 outdoor vandal resistant infrared illuminators, up to 160m coverage

Axis T90A42 outdoor vandal resistant infrared illuminators, up to 160m coverage

This product has now been discontinued. Alternative products are available from Raytec.

Overview of the Axis T90A42

Ideal for scenarios where long-term surveillance is a priority, the Axis T90A42 high performance infrared illuminators are tough, durable and include long-lasting LEDs with a life-cycle of up to 10 years. Designed to be used in conjunction with IP cameras that support day/night functionality, the T90A42 has an adjustable beam angle to help cover a wide area and target specific locations as part of an IP security system.

An IP66-rated housing and polycarbonate lens cover helps protect the LEDs against harsh weather, making it an ideal choice as support for existing outdoor camera systems.

Key features and benefits of the Axis T90A42

  • Up to 160m spread
  • Low-power LEDs for an energy-efficient surveillance solution
  • Adjustable light beam offers flexibility for on-site illumination, allowing tailoring of illumination to suit each camera
  • Tough and durable housing is IP66-rated, helping to protect the LEDs against difficult weather conditions
  • Low operational and maintenance costs

Typical applications of the Axis T90A42

The Axis T90A42 is ideal for locations where 24-hour surveillance is required, particularly in locations which may be subject to strict light pollution restrictions, including warehouses, loading bays, train stations and museums.

Included accessories for the Axis T90A42

  • U-bracket
  • Power supply with adjustable photocell

Key technical features for the Axis T90A42

Type: 850nm semi-covert
Environment: outdoor
Power: 100-240V AC (auto sensing)
Dimensions: 280mm (W) x 195mm (H) x 66mm (D)
Power Consumption: 80W
Cable Length: 2.5m (8ft)
Angle: 30° to 60°
Distance: 160 to 106m (525 to 348 ft)
Operating temperatures: -50°C - 50°C

Documentation for the Axis T90A42

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