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Lilin NVR-KIT712 outdoor HD network camera kit with four cameras and VMS recording software

Lilin NVR-KIT712 outdoor HD network camera kit with four cameras and VMS recording software

Overview of Lilin NVR-KIT712

The Lilin NVR-KIT712 outdoor IP camera kit contains four Lilin 712S HD network cameras along with Lilin’s CMX recording software. Each camera can be recorded in HD 720p resolution for clear, crisp video and comes with built-in infrared LEDs with an illumination range of 16m and a switchable infrared-cut filter to allow recording even in total darkness. IP66-rated aluminium housings protect the cameras from damage during harsh weather conditions, making this kit ideal for continuous surveillance and recording of outdoor areas.

Lilin’s CMX recording software is included in the kit, which can support up to 16 camera channels but can be upgraded to support 36 channels free of charge. Motion detection triggers can be used to capture critical events, while footage can be viewed on the move using viewing apps for smartphones and tablets. Footage can be exported to the AVI format for easy storage and playback.

Key features & benefits of NVR-KIT712

  • Record video in HD 720p resolution for clear, crisp footage
  • Integrated infrared LEDs provide illumination up to 16m from the camera, allowing continued recording even in complete darkness
  • IP66-rated weatherproof housing helps protect the camera against harsh weather conditions
  • Free CMX recording software (Windows only) provides support for up to 36 camera channels, with motion detection settings to help capture critical events
  • Smartphone and tablet viewing for surveillance on the move (iPhone, iPad and Android apps supported)

What's included:

  • 4 x Lilin IPR-712S IP camera
  • 4 x Power supply units
  • CMX recording software for up to 36 camera channels
  • Quick Start Guide
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