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LILIN NVR-KIT112 indoor HD IP camera kit with four cameras, VMS recording software and ePOS

LILIN NVR-KIT112 indoor HD IP camera kit with four cameras, VMS recording software and ePOS

This product has now been discontinued.

Overview of LILIN NVR-KIT112

The LILIN NVR-KIT112 IP camera kit combines four indoor-use mini-dome HD cameras with LILIN's free CMX recording software, allowing you to monitor and record up to 36 camera channels. CMX can record in high-quality HD 720p resolution, and has basic point-of-sale integration, making this package an ideal retail security starter kit.

The cameras in this kit sport a compact dome design and a 3-axis gimbal allows them to be easily installed and adjusted. Each camera comes with an adjustable 3.9mm varifocal lens to allow for flexibility when deciding on placement and optimum positioning. Their tamper-resistant dome design helps protect against dust and attempted vandalism. Motion detection settings can be configured to alert you when movement is detected, while video feeds can also be viewed using smartphone applications and on tablet PCs when using the web-based viewing facility in the CMX software.

Key features and benefits of LILIN NVR-KIT112

  • Cost-effective security solution, ideal for monitoring in shops and other small businesses
  • HD 720p resolution for clear, crisp imagery
  • Tamper-resistant dome design helps protect the camera from attempts at damage
  • CMX recording software can support up to 16 camera channels (free upgrade for 36 channel support available)
  • Point-of-sale device integration with LILIN's 'Till Overlay' feature
  • Smartphone and tablet viewing capability (iPhone, iPad and Android)

What's included:

Compatible recording platforms

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