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Axis T8414 handheld installation display, battery-powered to simplify IP camera installation

Axis T8414 handheld installation display, battery-powered to simplify IP camera installation
Axis Solution Gold Partner

This product has now been discontinued, a replacement is the Axis T8415

Axis T8414 handheld installation display for making camera installation easier and quicker. Battery-powered, the T8414 is a handy device for any engineer involved with the installation of Axis IP cameras or analog CCTV cameras.

Negating the need for a laptop, this easy-to-carry, compact display monitor connects directly to a camera and shows the live video output, allowing to determine viewing angles and focus on the spot. The Axis T8414 IP camera display has been designed with the installer in mind, offering a user-friendly touchscreen interface and easy zoom and snapshot features, whilst the capturing and playback of video clips is also easily done.

Completing its usefulness, this handy installation tool can also power PoE-compatible Axis IP cameras so that cameras can be set up ready for deployment whilst awaiting the provision of permanent power.

The Axis T8414 saves time and cost. Any Axis IP camera installer will benefit from using this very practical tool.

Axis T8414 - What's included:

  • Battery
  • Carrying case with sunshield and protective rubber sleeve
  • Stylus pen (with spare for touch screen)
  • T-block for CAT-5 cable testing
  • Ethernet cable
  • Analogue BNC cable
  • 12V DC car charger
  • Power supply unit
  • User manual

Axis T8414 models (select from above dropdown):

  • 5900-143 UK version
  • 5900-142 EU version

Axis T8414 - 5900-143 / 5900-142 - Support documents:

Product Specification: Axis T8414 (PDF 860KB)
User Manual: Axis T8414 (PDF 1.52MB)
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