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Axis T90A32, vandal resistant, IP66-rated infrared LED illuminator, 80 m coverage

Axis T90A32, vandal resistant, IP66-rated infrared LED illuminator, 80 m coverage

This product has now been discontinued. Alternative products are available from Raytec.

Overview of 5013-321 Axis T90A32

The Axis T90A32 is an infra-red LED illuminator suitable for use with infrared-sensitive security cameras. It is ideal for locations with an emphasis on continuous night-time security. It is capable of covering distances up to 80 m (262 ft.), with an adjustable angle of illumination between 30° and 60°

This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with IP66-rated LEDs providing full functionality in harsh weather conditions, while an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell on each LED protects the unit from vandalism.

Key features & benefits of 5013-321 Axis T90A32

  • Continues to work in heavy rain, high (debris-carrying) winds and freezing temperatures
  • No light pollution
  • 10-year lifespan assured through solid surface mount LEDs
  • Vandal-resistant polycarbonate shell protects unit from blunt instrument impact and airgun shots from long range

Typical applications of 5013-321 Axis T90A32

This product is ideally suited to locations where a level of light pollution must not be exceeded – for example, factories and industrial plants

Accessories for 5013-321 Axis T90A32


  • U-bracket
  • Power supply with adjustable photocell

Key technical features for 5013-321 Axis T90A32

Environment:indoor / outdoor
Power:100-240 V AC (auto-sensing) input - adjustable power output for the LED and telemetry control
Wavelength:850 nm semi-covert
Dimensions:210 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) x 65 mm (D)
Cable length:2.5 m (8 ft.)
Power Consumption:50 W
Angle:30° - 60°
Distance:53 - 80 m (173 - 262 ft.)
Operating temperatures:-50 - 50 °C (-58 - 122 °F)

Documentation for 5013-321 Axis T90A32

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