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Y-cam EyeBall wireless fixed dome IP camera with Push & Point installation, microSD recording and PoE

Y-cam EyeBall wireless fixed dome IP camera with Push & Point installation, microSD recording and PoE

This product has been discontinued. An alternative is available: LILIN LD2222E4.

Overview of Y-cam EyeBall

The Y-cam EyeBall is a fixed dome IP security camera ideal for installation in small business environments such as small offices or local shops. Its compact, inoffensive design provides an unobtrusive monitoring solution, and it uses Push & Point™ lens system technology to simplify lens readjustment. Unlike many other dome cameras, there are no screws, wires or release clips used in the lens adjustment mechanism, significantly reducing the time it takes to reposition the lens.

Using the on-board microSD card slot, the Y-cam EyeBall does not need to be connected to a network or the internet to store streaming video or motion alerts. Video can be stored straight to microSD card, which is then viewable on a wide variety of smartphones, via connection to a TV or PC, or directly from the camera over Wi-Fi. The EyeBall is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, as well as utilising secure password authentication so only authorised users have access to the camera. If the Y-cam detects movement in its field of view, it can automatically send an e-mail alert notifying you that motion has been detected, with an attached image of the scene.

The camera's brightness settings are automatically adjusted according to light levels. Alongside this, the EyeBall will superimpose up to 4 images (frame integration) into a single frame to increase image brightness in poor lighting conditions.

The Y-cam EyeBall comes equipped with Power over Ethernet, which can provide network connectivity and power over a single cable. The EyeBall also feature two-way audio capability (provided by a built-in microphone and audio-out connector) allowing you to communicate with, and monitor an audio feed from, the cameras surroundings.

In addition to this, Y-cam offers free smartphone apps to easily view a feed from your camera, and support for both MJPEG and 3GPP streams means the camera feed can be viewed on the majority of mobile devices even if a dedicated app is unavailable.

Please note: this camera does not come with a Power over Ethernet power supply. Please select if required.

Key features & benefits of Y-cam EyeBall

  • Compact design - an ideal choice for small environments where an unobtrusive surveillance presence is required
  • Push & Point™ technology simplifies lens readjustment
  • Wireless connectivity removes the need for a physical network connection, offering greater flexibility during installation
  • MicroSD card slot can record footage on the camera itself - no computer-based recording solution is needed
  • Built-in motion detection can trigger recording or e-mail you when any untoward activity is detected
  • Full colour low-light view improves image quality in poor lighting conditions
  • Power over Ethernet offers a one-cable solution for both power and network connectivity
  • Two-way audio allows you to listen in to, and communicate with, the camera's surroundings
  • Free smartphone apps can be downloaded and used to view a live feed from the camera

Typical applications of Y-cam EyeBall

The Y-cam EyeBall is ideally suited to deployment in small business environments such as local shops and small offices

Accessories for Y-cam EyeBall


  • US/EU/UK AC adaptor
  • Quick start guide
  • Setup CD
  • Network cable
  • Installation kit
  • Base cover
  • Breakout box

Key technical features for Y-cam EyeBall

Type:fixed dome
Sensor:1/4" CMOS
Lens:2.5 mm, F2.0; horizontal angle of view 100°; vertical angle of view 75°
Wireless:IEEE 802.11g/b, auto switch up to 54 Mbps
Audio:Electret Condenser Microphone, AMR (4.75 - 12.2 Kbps), G.726 (40/32/24/16 Kbps)
Power:Power over Ethernet
Compatibility:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.4 or above; Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
Compression:MPEG-4, Motion JPEG
Frame-rate:30 fps
Minimum illumination:1.0 lux
Imaging:settings - white balance, exposure, gain - auto
Viewing, detection & recording
Simultaneous users:2 levels, up to 64 users, 16 simultaneous
Alarm detection:built-in motion detection
External alarm inputs and outputs:1 digital input, 1 digital output
Recording triggers:manual; automatic - motion
On-camera recording:SD/SDHC memory card slot (16 MB - 8 GB) (card is not included)
Power:PoE IEEE802.3af
Network:RJ-45 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX PoE
Alarm I/O:1 digital input, 1 digital output
Audio:1 output
Dimensions:90 mm (3.54") x 90 mm (3.54") x 90 mm (3.54")
Weight:160 g (0.35 lb.)
Mounting methods:ceiling
Operating temperatures:-5°C - 45°C (-22°F - 113°F); 20 - 80% humidity
Power consumption:2.5 W
Protocols supported:TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, NTP, UPnP, DDNS
Security:WEP (64/128 bit), WPA-PSK (AES/TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP)

Documentation for Y-cam EyeBall

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