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Sony NSR-S20 8-channel network video recorder with up to 2 TB storage

Sony NSR-S20 8-channel network video recorder with up to 2 TB storage

Product discontinued. Alternative product: Sony NSR-500 network video recorder.

Overview of Sony NSR-S20

The Sony NSR-S20 is a compact network video recorder specifically designed for a single-server, multi-client system. The recorder is capable of recording and displaying full HD video from up to eight Sony security cameras at one time, making it well suited to small/medium business applications such as facial identification or monitoring busy environments.

The NSR-S20 features Plug and Play technology that starts recording using default camera settings as soon as the recorder detects cameras on the local network, bypassing complicated installation processes such as establishing IP addresses and setting up camera parameters. This makes it ideal for users looking for an easy-to-setup recording solution.

The unit also includes an infrared remote control for ease of use and is compatible with a wide variety of Sony network cameras (see Technical specification for more information).

Please note: the NSR-S20 is available in two versions: one without a built-in HDD (external storage required) and one with a built-in 2 TB HDD (NSR-S20/2T). Please select your storage option from above.

Key features & benefits of Sony NSR-S20

  • The unit is capable of recording and displaying full HD video
  • Able to monitor and record from up to 8 cameras at once
  • Compact, lightweight design useful for small business locations where space is at a premium
  • Compatible with a wide range of Sony IP cameras (see Key technical features for list of compatible models)
  • Plug and Play feature automatically detects cameras on your network
  • An infrared remote is provided for remote control of the unit

Typical applications of Sony NSR-S20

The NSR-S20 is well suited to deployment in small/medium business environments such as small supermarkets and medium-sized offices

Accessories for Sony NSR-1050H/1T


Key technical features for Sony NSR-S20

Supported cameras:SNC-CH140/SNC-DH140/SNC-DH140T/SNC-CH180/SNC-DH180/SNC-CH240/SNC-DH240/SNC-DH240T/SNC-CH280/SNC-DH280/SNC-CH120/SNC-DH120/SNC-DH120T/SNC-CH160/SNC-DH160/SNC-CH220/SNC-DH220/SNC-DH220T/SNC-CH260/SNC-DH260/SNC-CH110/SNC-DH110/SNC-DH110T/SNC-CH210/SNC-DH210/SNC-DH210T/SNT-EX101/SNT-EX101E/SNT-EX104/SNT-EP104/SNC-RZ25/SNC-RZ50
Maximum no. of cameras:8
HDD type:up to 2 TB (2 TB x1) (supports eSATA storage)
Compression:H.264, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG
Frame-rate:240 fps (8 cameras x 30 fps) (at MPEG-4, VGA, 1 Mbps)
Power:AC 100 to 240 V
Network:1000BASE-T (RJ-45) (x2)
Monitor:D-sub 15-pin x1
Mouse:USB 2.0 x1 (front), USB 2.0 x2 (rear)
Alarm I/O:8x terminal inputs, 1x terminal output
Dimensions:245 mm (9.64") x 53 mm (2.09") x 160 mm (6.30) (excluding protrusions)
Weight:1.4 kg (3.1 lb.) (with HDD)
Warranty:one year
Operating temperatures:5°C - 40°C (41°F - 104°F); 20 - 80% humidity
Power consumption:36 W

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