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Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 IEEE802.11b/g wireless networking Compact Flash card with 54Mbps transfer speed

Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 IEEE802.11b/g wireless networking Compact Flash card with 54Mbps transfer speed

This product is discontinued and there is no alternative model.

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The Sony SNCA-CFW5 adds wireless connectivity to a number of Sony IP Cameras, making installation much easier and providing flexibility with mounting locations. Compatible with both IEEE802.11b and IEEE802.11g wireless protocols, the camera can integrate with most wireless networks and can operate at data throughput speeds of up to 54Mbps.

The card is also easy to install using a Compact Flash interface and is configured using the camera's web interface. An external antenna jack is also provided so that additional antennas can be added to extend the connection range of the camera (not included).

Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 - Key Benefits:

  • Add wireless connectivity to Sony network cameras
  • Connect to any wireless network using the IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks
  • Extend the wireless range easily with external antennas (not included)

Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 - Supported Cameras:

Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 - Key Features:

  • Connect easily to the camera with the Compact Flash (type 2) interface
  • Configure quickly using the camera's own web interface
  • Transfer video at speeds up to 54Mbps

Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 - Key Technical Indicators:

  • Interface: Compact Flash (type 2)
  • Wireless compatibility: 802.11b/g
  • Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Data throughput: 54Mbps

Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 - Optional accessories you may wish to purchase with this item:

  • Extend the range of the IP camera - Sony SNCA-CFW1 external antenna (please contact our sales team for further assistance)

Sony IPELA SNCA-CFW5 - Support Documents:

Download Operating Instructions: SNCA-CFW5 (PDF 256KB)
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