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Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E video encoder with H.264 and on-camera storage - 4 port

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E video encoder with H.264 and on-camera storage - 4 port
  • 4 channel network video encoder
  • Encode video from a single analogue camera
  • Store data directly to on-board SD card
  • PoE supplies power and connectivity
  • Panasonic 3-year warranty

This product is discontinued, for alternative models please see Network Video Encoders

Overview of the Panasonic i-PRO WJ-GXE500E

The Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E is a compact, 4-channel network video encoder which converts video from analogue surveillance cameras for viewing across IP video networks, ideal for businesses looking to migrate away from analogue cameras while protecting the previous security investment. Up to four cameras can be monitored simultaneously with MJPEG, H.264 and MPEG-4 video compression formats available.

Video recordings can also be made directly to the encoder using an SD/SDHC memory card, triggered by the viewer, alarm or network downtime. Advanced video analytics can also detect faces in view, triggering local recording or relaying the positional information to Panasonic Network Camera recorders. 2-Way audio also lets viewers interactively communicate with people in view.

The WJ-GXE500 is also powered using IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet, meaning that power is supplied through the Ethernet cable, reducing cabling requirements and allowing the encoder to be installed in locations without a local power source. The encoder can also provide remote control of PTZ cameras, being compatible with Panasonic PTZ-over-Coax systems and providing an RS485 port for third-party applications.

Please note: This video encoder does not come with a power supply. Should you require a power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above.

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500 - Key Benefits:

  • Convert up to 4 analogue IP cameras to make use of the benefits of IP networks, such as motion detection, remote access and video compression
  • Store footage directly onto the encoder using an SD/SDHC card so no external recording equipment is needed
  • Power over Ethernet makes it very quick and easy to supply power while reducing cabling requirements
  • Add 2-way audio functionality to the surveillance network
  • Flexible compression and quality is available with MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 compression support

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E - Key Features:

  • Encode up to 4 analogue video streams for viewing across an IP network
  • Stream both H.264 and MJPEG simultaneously for viewing and recording
  • SD memory card can store video footage when selected by the viewer, on alarm or as a backup in case of network downtime (not included)
  • Power over Ethernet support allows the device to be powered through the Ethernet connection, simplifying cabling
  • Full-duplex, 2-way audio allows viewers to send and receive audio from the camera
  • Face detection can detect faces in view, either triggering recording or relaying information onto network video recorders
  • The device's compact casing is inoffensive and can be mounted in sensitive locations
  • Adaptive Progressive/interlaced scan conversion helps to provide the sharpest images with moving objects in view
  • Compatible with Panasonic i-Pro analogue PTZ cameras
  • RS-485 connection lets users control third-party PTZ equipment
  • Distance compensation reduces distortion associated with cameras connected across long cable lengths
  • Combine the unit with 2 other encoders so that they can be mounted in a 19" server rack (mounting brackets required)
  • 3x signal inputs allow external sensors to trigger events or recording
  • Video over HTTP can transfer video footage using MPEG-4 or H.264 video compression across HTTP connections
  • Compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocols

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E - Typical Applications:

The WJ-GXE500 would be ideal for large enterprises looking to convert existing analogue surveillance equipment to use the benefits of IP video, in locations such as corporate buildings, industrial complexes, building sites and warehousing.

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E - Key Technical Indicators:

  • Compression format: MPEG-4, MJPEG and H.264
  • Supported resolutions: 720x576, 640x480, 320x240
  • Frame rate: 25fps available in all resolutions/compression formats
  • Audio: 2-way audio
  • Audio compression: G.726 (ADPCM, 16/32Kbps, channel 1 only)
  • On-camera storage: SD/SDHC memory card (256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB)
  • No. of simultaneous users: 16
  • Operating temperatures: 10-50°C (14-122°F)
  • Power: 12V DC or IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet (Class 0)
  • Power consumption: 6W
  • Weight: 1.0Kg
  • Casing: Metal, suitable for indoor use only
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 44mm (1U) x 140mm x 185mm

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E - Connections:

  • 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet connection with IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet compatibility
  • 4 x BNC analogue video input ports
  • SD/SDHC memory card slot
  • 3.5mm Mic/line input port
  • 3.5mm Audio output port
  • RS-485 port
  • External I/O terminals
  • 12V DC input

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E - Accessories Included:

  • Installation CD with Setup software
  • Installation guide
  • Hardware code labels

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E - Optional accessories you may wish to purchase with this item:

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE50E0 - Support Documents:

Download Product Specification: Panasonic i-Pro WJ-GXE500E (PDF 415KB)
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