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Axis Cross Line Detection (virtual tripwire) application licence

Axis Cross Line Detection (virtual tripwire) application licence
This smart app allows users to draw a line within the camera's image - ideal for monitoring entrances, exits and fence lines. It is compatible with Axis IP cameras and video encoders that support Axis Camera Application Platform.
  • Monitor entrances, exits and fence lines
  • Real-time visual confirmation

This product is discontinued, an alternative is Axis Fence Guard

Axis Solution Gold Partner

Axis Cross Line Detection is a virtual tripwire. Installing the Cross Line Detection software on an Axis camera will allow you to draw a line within the camera's image. This line will be the virtual tripwire. When people or moving objects, such as cars, cross the line a series of automatic triggers can be activated. This can include for video recording to start or for an alert email to be sent, or an image upload to happen. In fact, the Axis Cross Line Detection integrates fully with the camera's event management system.

Axis Cross Line Detection is a useful tool to monitor entrances, exits and fence lines. It is easy to install and set up.

Key benefits:

  • Low cost application that improves the effectiveness of cameras that are monitoring entrances, exits and fence lines
  • Reliable detection of coming and goings

Key features:

  • Virtual tripwire - Position a virtual line on the camera's live view which will trigger an event if crossed by a person or object
  • Configurable object direction - One-way or two-way detection allows you to trigger an event on a person exiting or entering a building, or both
  • Cross Line Detection integrates with the camera's event management system for easy control of image upload, notification by email and external outputs
  • Real time visual confirmation - verify that the application correctly detects an object crossing the line before deployment

Typical applications:

  • The Axis Cross Line Detection application is suitable for monitoring entrances and exits with low traffic environments. It is ideal for loading areas, building entrances and exits, car parks and the video monitoring of yard space.

Compatible cameras:

Key technical indicators:

  • Licence: 1 camera (software is provided as a download)
  • Setup: web interface camera/encoder
  • Configuration: Web interface camera/encoder
  • Line setup: Virtual line setup with one or two segments
  • Object direction: One-way or two-way
  • Verification of setup: Visual confirmation
  • Limitations: Weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow may affect detection accuracy
  • Lighting conditions required: Dependent on camera light sensitivity
  • Camera placement: 45 ~ 90° angle to object direction
  • Camera integration: Integrates with camera event management system Image upload, notification, I/O control
  • System integration: ONVIF and VAPIX
  • Language: English
Product data sheet: Axis Cross Line Detection Application (PDF 694KB)
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