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Pelco IX30-DN Network camera – Outdoor bundle wall mount

Pelco IX30-DN Network camera – Outdoor bundle wall mount

This product has been discontinued. An alternative replacement is the Axis M3113-E

Pelco Sarix Range

The outdoor product bundle includes a Pelco IX30-DN 3.1 megapixel security camera with a Dennard 2015 outdoor housing and wall bracket. The Pelco IX30-DN is a 3.1 megapixel IP camera with infrared day/night functionality allowing surveillance at night with additional infrared lighting (not included) and with H.264 video compression the camera offers bandwidth-efficient streaming and storage.

The Dennard 2015 outdoor housing includes a wall mount bracket for installation on vertical surfaces. The housing is made from die cast aluminium alloy and has IP66-rated weatherproofing. With an included heater it can keep the camera protected at temperatures below freezing.

Items included in this product bundle:

  • Pelco IX30-DN 3.1 megapixel static IP camera (IX30DN)
  • Varifocal megapixel lens, 2.8-8mm, auto-iris, CS-mount (13M2.8-8)
  • Dennard 2015 outdoor housing with heater 230V AC and wall bracket (2015-707)
  • Additional items you may have chosen (from selections above)
Product data sheet: Pelco IX30 Series Sarix Network Camera (PDF 295KB)
Product data sheet: Dennard 2010LV (PDF 743k)
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