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Axis 5901-101 varifocal 2.8 - 8.5mm i-CS lens, IR-corrected with CS-mount

Axis 5901-101 varifocal 2.8 - 8.5mm i-CS lens, IR-corrected with CS-mount
£215.00   £258.00 inc VAT
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  • For cameras that support i-CS lenses
  • Easier configuration & installation
  • Integrated motors enable remote setup
  • Axis 3-year warranty

Overview of the Axis 5901-101

This Computar intelligent CS-mount (i-CS) lens offers varifocal viewing angles and is suitable for use with IP cameras that support i-CS lenses. Thanks to an open protocol, the lens is able to directly exchange information with the connected camera such as zoom position and focus. This helps to make installation and configuration a quicker and easier task.

The innovative i-CS lens also features several integrated motors which allow users to remotely adjust lens settings for simple fine tuning during set up. Additionally, IR-correction supports the delivery of black and white images at night or in low light, as well as full colour images during the day.

If using this lens with an Axis IP camera, please check the full compatibility list. Alternatively, if using with a different brand of IP camera, please refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet for that camera model.

Key technical features

  • IR corrected
  • Varifocal i-CS lens
  • Focal length: 2.8 – 8.5 mm
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