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Milestone XProtect Essential recording software, camera licence

Milestone XProtect Essential recording software, camera licence
Suitable for small businesses, this Milestone XProtect Essential camera licence provides a flexible video surveillance solution and its open platform design is ideal for integrating XProtect into existing systems.
  • Supports up to 26 IP cameras
  • One licence required for each IP device
  • Compatible with over 4000 IP devices
  • Maximum of 5 users can access the system
  • Remote access via XProtect Web Client
  • Device licence for XProtect Essential

This product has been discontinued and succeeded by Milestone XProtect Express+ camera licence

Overview of Milestone XProtect Essential - Camera Licence

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The Milestone XProtect Essential camera licence is for use only with a licenced XProtect Essential installation up to version 2016 R2 and is not a standalone product. A valid Milestone XProtect Essential base licence is required. Additionally, Milestone Care Plus is included for the first year – if you wish to extend this cover please select the coverage term from the option above.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Milestone XProtect Essential (up to version 2016 R2) provides a flexible video surveillance solution and supports up to 26 IP cameras
  • XProtect Essential Camera Licence allows a single IP device to be added into Milestone XProtect Essential
  • More than one user is able to access the system at the same time (maximum of 5)
  • Multiple video export formats are supported and provide a flexible recording management solution
  • Open Platform supports over 4000 different IP devices – offering a huge camera choice
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    Designed for use with any of the Milestone XProtect Video Management Software products.

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  • CCTV systems using IP cameras without built-in video analytics can be centrally managed with software based video motion detection
  • Simple installation with automatic camera detection and a range of configuration wizards
  • Instant access and system management is supported via the XProtect Smart Client
  • Remote access to the system when away from site with the XProtect Web Client
  • Free Milestone Mobile application supports the viewing of live footage and recordings from iOS and Android devices
  • Video motion detection alarms and connected external devices can be used to trigger recordings and alert operators of possible incidents via push notifications
  • Interactive map function is supported in the Smart Client - offering a full overview of the camera system
  • Camera based audio can be listened to in live view and recording playback – helpful when investigating incidents
  • Video search tools enable the quick and easy retrieval of recordings
  • Up to 25 pre-set PTZ positions are supported and can be triggered on an event basis
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