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Panasonic BB-HCM580 outdoor bundle, pan/tilt/zoom IP camera with 21x optical zoom, on-board SD recording

Panasonic BB-HCM580 outdoor bundle, pan/tilt/zoom IP camera with 21x optical zoom, on-board SD recording

This product is discontinued, for alternatives please see Panasonic i-PRO IP cameras

Overview of Panasonic BB-HCM580 outdoor bundle

This is the outdoor bundle version of the Panasonic BB-HCM580 and comes with an outdoor housing and bracket. An indoor version is available.

The Panasonic BB-HCM580 IP security camera, accompanied by a Videotec dome housing, is ideal for deployment in outdoor locations such as car parks, entrance points and industrial sites. The camera features pan/tilt/zoom functionality, which enables you to remotely control its field of view. This allows the camera to monitor a greater area than conventional fixed cameras and offers a flexible solution for areas where a cost-effective solution is required. The BB-HCM580 also features a 21x optical zoom, enabling you to monitor in detail any area covered by the camera's field of view.

Key features & benefits of Panasonic BB-HCM580 outdoor bundle

  • Pan/tilt/zoom functionality allows the camera to monitor a larger field of view than a fixed camera
  • 21x optical zoom enables you to isolate specific areas of the camera's field of view for detailed surveillance
  • Colour night view optimises the brightness of the image in low light conditions (down to 3 lux)
  • Footage can be stored on-board the camera using an SD card (not supplied)
  • Built-in web server allows you to view a video feed from the camera using Internet Explorer
  • Compatible with SecurityStation online Video Surveillance as a Service

Panasonic BB-HCM580 outdoor bundle


  • Panasonic BB-HCM580 IP Camera (BB-HCM580)
  • Videotec DBH24K outdoor housing (DBH24KOF028)
  • Videotec ODBH24H150 adaptor plate with 230 V AC heater and fan (ODBH24H150)
  • Your chosen mounting bracket (from selections above)
  • AC adaptor
  • Ceiling mounting kit including screws
  • Setup CD
  • Installation guide
  • Safety wire

Please note: we recommend a qualified electrician installs this product.



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