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Axis Queue Monitor application licence

Axis Queue Monitor application licence
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Overview of the Axis Queue Monitor application

Axis Communications
  • Monitor and analyse queues to enhance service planning and improve visitor experience
  • Compatible with a wide range of Axis IP cameras
  • Set up to 3 queue thresholds to prompt selected actions
  • View statistics from several cameras and locations simultaneously
  • E-licence - one licence per camera

The Axis Queue Monitor application presents a cost-effective solution for queue management and analysis - helping to enhance service planning and improving overall visitor experience. From retail stores to banks and hotel lobbies, this smart app provides real-time data to help users identify bottlenecks and reduce waiting times. Up to three queue thresholds can be set to prompt specific actions when exceeded and to inform visitors of up-to-date waiting times. Run onboard an Axis IP camera, the Queue Monitor application can provide users with valuable insights - enabling them to continually improve service, sales and resource planning.


Axis Queue Monitor is run onboard Axis IP cameras and provides users with real-time data about queue duration and fluctuations throughout the day. Through analysis of these statistics over time, users can quickly understand their service-cycle time, as well as identify bottlenecks and problem areas. Such valuable insights can help to enhance service planning and business performance - allowing managers, for instance, to more efficiently allocate staff to the busiest areas of their retail store and improve customer satisfaction through shorter waiting times.


Together with the network camera's event system, this smart app can trigger a notification when a queue exceeds a set threshold. This trigger can prompt specific actions such as sending an email or producing an audio alert to tell airport staff that additional check-in desks or security lanes should open. One camera running the application can handle up to three queues simultaneously; facilitating shorter waiting times and increased visitor satisfaction. The application provides users with real-time data of the approximate number of people queueing alongside statistics about queue fluctuations throughout the course of the day. It is also possible for users to define a hotspot and collect data on the approximate number of people at that location at any given time. This information can then be used to facilitate A/B testing or to analyse traffic patterns - allowing users to more effectively allocate resources and better understand how their space is used. It is easy to synchronise multiple units and add extra cameras at any time; and thanks to remote configuration and management, users are able to view statistics from several locations and cameras at the same time. In addition, data collected through the application can be used to generate weekly and daily graphs that show queue capacity and queue duration to give users a reliable overview of their site's performance over a given time period.


For the application to work as expected, cameras running Queue Monitor should be mounted at a high position with a good overview of the scene. The edge-based app stores information directly on each installed camera for up to 90 days without an SD card which is accessible in a number of ways. Data can be accessed through the standard web interface of the camera; through downloading the static raw data via an open API in the camera or through other Axis store optimisation apps. Additionally, its open protocol allows users to integrate the data collected through the app with other Axis and third-party applications, such as Axis Store Reporter and Axis Store Data Manager.

Please note: a single Queue Monitor licence is required per Axis IP camera.

Key features & benefits

  • E-licence Queue Monitor application is compatible with a wide range of Axis IP cameras
  • Enables users to monitor and analyse queues to improve efficiency and visitor experience
  • Users can set up to 3 queue thresholds to prompt selected actions - helping to facilitate shorter waiting times
  • Hotspots can be defined to collect data about specific areas of the space for a stronger understanding of how the space is used
  • App can be configured, managed and monitored remotely – enabling viewing of data from multiple cameras and sites simultaneously
  • Easily synchronise multiple units and add more cameras at any time
  • Stores information directly on the associated camera for up to 90 days – reducing bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Open protocol enables integration with other Axis and third-party applications

Typical applications

Axis Queue Monitor is ideal for applications where it is beneficial for users to be able to detect the number of people in a queue or to monitor the intensity of movement in an area for further analysis or actions. Typical applications include retail stores, train stations and hotels.

Documentation for the Axis Queue Monitor application

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