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Vaxtor Automatic Licence Plate Recognition application for installation on Axis IP cameras

Vaxtor Automatic Licence Plate Recognition application for installation on Axis IP cameras
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This on-camera application provides a reliable, real-time licence plate recognition solution - with alarm notification and gate control features it is ideal for the control of access to visitor and customer parking.
  • Reliable licence plate recognition
  • For use with a range of Axis IP cameras
  • Whitelist & blacklist management
  • Capture plates in challenging lighting
  • Read accuracy over 97% in stop & go setup
  • One licence required per Axis IP camera

Overview of Vaxtor VaxALPR on-camera LPR application

The high-performance Vaxtor application creates a powerful LPR solution for businesses when used with any of the advanced Axis network cameras below:

  • Number plate recognition with a read accuracy above 97% in stop & go set ups
  • Easy software application for installation on Axis IP cameras
  • Ideal for car parks and control of vehicle access
  • Whitelist and blacklist management with notification alerts
  • Edge-based, saving costs on comparable server-based video analytics
  • Flexible reporting and integration options

Vaxtor's VaxALPR On-camera application is a real time licence plate recognition (LPR) software for installation on-board of Axis IP cameras. Using a resilient, platform-independent engine (called VaxOCR), the application delivers a certified recognition rate of above 97% in start & go scenarios and if installed correctly. In combination with a range of suitable Axis IP cameras this is a easy-to-install, neat and cost-effective solution for implementing a number plate recognition system at car parks or for controlling vehicle access. A 64GB SD card is also included and is recommended so that licence plate data can be saved on-board the connected Axis IP camera.

Font-independent capture and machine learning generalisation allows the VaxOCR engine to read plates from 230 countries with a high degree of reliablity. The technology is designed to work under extreme conditions capturing licence plates in low light scenarios, heavy shadows, bad weather and over exposed or damaged number plates. Combined with a camera featuring Axis' ARTPEC-6 or ARTPEC-7 processor you can capture licence plates from 2 lanes simultaneously at up to a maximum speed of 60mph, lowering the system if two lanes are to be monitored.

Dual operating modes offer a permanent, free-flow mode which continually captures licences plates. Alternatively, the application can be set to a triggered mode which can be set to read a plate based on an input event either from the camera or from an external digital input. This allows for integration with gates and barriers.

Hot lists provide an intuitive way of adding black or whitelisted licence plates for analysis. On capture of a blacklist plate the system can be configured to notify/warn the operator or for whitelist plates actions can be performed such as opening a gate in a parking/access scenario.

The VaxALPR On Camera application also comes with a wide range of reporting options including VAPIX and ONVIF protocols, Milestone XProtect Analytics Event, XML or JSON object through HTTP POST, plate code in ASCII format as well as open, specific and RAW formats. It can also be integrated with Vaxtor’s Helix-6 Back Office or into many existing video management systems such as Axis Camera Station, Axis Door Controller systems and Milestone XProtect.

If you need help configuring this application we offer a one-off installation fee where we will remotely configure the application settings and provide you with support during installation. Please select this from the menu above if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Easy to install and set up on the edge for real time licence plate recognition
  • Reliable performance with a certified recognition rate of above 97%
  • Real time results showing licence plate, date/time, position of the plate within the original image and sub-image showing image of the captured plate
  • Font independent engine, machine learning generalisation, operates on licence plates from 230 countries including complex layouts and backgrounds
  • Designed to work under extreme conditions such as low light, heavy shadows, extreme angles, bad weather and over exposed or damaged plates
  • Hot list support for notification of white or black listed licence plates. If a licence plate is detected from a hot list you can immediately notify the operator using on-camera events or the applications flexible reporting options
  • Reporting options include VAPIX and ONVIF protocols, Milestone XProtect Analytics Event, XML or JSON object through HTTP POST, plate code in ASCII format as well as open, specific and RAW formats
  • Dual operating modes. In free flow mode the VaxOCR engine is running continuously reading plates and reporting in real time. Using triggered mode will send a command to the camera to read the plate based on a specific input. Useful for parking or scenarios ruled by loops or laser tripwires etc.
  • Additional functionality using software and plug-ins for make, model, colour recognition, instant speed notification (iSpeed), vehicle direction and ADR dangerous goods plates

Compatible integration platforms

Typical applications

Reliable licence plate recognition system with alarm notification and gate control features for visitor/customer parking, petrol stations, business/commercial car parks, urban environments, restricted areas, smart surveillance and law enforcement etc.



  • One VaxALPR on-camera licence for use with one Axis IP camera
  • One year Vaxtor software maintenance
  • 64GB SD memory card (recommended for ease of system use)


  • Remote set up and configuration service after camera installation to ensure optimum performance

Please note: This application us available as an on-camera or PC-based option - Please indicate your preference at the time of ordering.

Documentation for Vaxtor VaxALPR On-camera LPR

  • Installation Guide: VaxALPR On Camera
  • The following videos illustrate the functionality of the VaxALPR On Camera license plate detection application

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