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SecuritySpy video surveillance monitoring and recording for the Mac - 1 camera licence

SecuritySpy video surveillance monitoring and recording for the Mac - 1 camera licence
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Price: Discontinued  
This item has been discontinued

This product has been discontinued. For an alternative, please see our range of software options.

Overview of the SecuritySpy - 1 camera licence

SecuritySpy is a comprehensive multi-camera video surveillance application for the Mac. This software includes live monitoring, recording and playback for a single camera but offers expansion to an unlimited number of cameras allowing you to add to your surveillance system as you go.

Version 2.0 of the software brings a number of enhancements and features not found in previous release. As well as being compatible with a wide range of leading IP camera manufacturers (more included with version 2.0) it offers significant performance increases making it run quicker and more efficiently, audio recording for Axis and Panasonic devices as well as a host of other features and additions (see key features below)

Recording is controlled by built-in motion detection which will store video based on movement or you can record continuously using the software’s timelapse option. SecuritySpy’s remote viewing feature gives the advantage of being able to access your surveillance system over the Internet or Local Area Network (LAN) using a browser or it can be run in server/client mode to allow multiple instances of the software to stream back to a central location.

SecuritySpy - Key benefits:

  • For Mac users. SecuritySpy is a comprehensive video surveillance, recording and playback software application designed specifically and exclusively for Mac users. It allows you to turn your Mac into a CCTV surveillance system
  • Compatible with a wide range of IP cameras, webcams, video encoders and digital multiplexers
  • SecuritySpy can be used in a server mode which allows multiple copies of the software to stream video to a central copy. This is useful for medium-sized businesses where several copies of SecuritySpy from different departments can be collated at a central control room
  • Remote web access allows you to connect to software using an Internet browser on the local network or across the Internet
  • Affordable solution for video surveillance around the home or small-medium sized business property which is easy to set up and use

SecuritySpy - Key features:

  • Version 2.0 delivers video faster and more efficiently using OpenGL graphics acceleration
  • Audio recording now supported in version 2.0 for compatible Panasonic and Axis cameras/video encoders
  • Audio levels now shown in the ‘Camera Status’ window. New feature for v2.0
  • Live audio can be played from one or more cameras in v2.0
  • Support for network audio streaming from one Mac running SecuritySpy to another
  • Recording of video for 1 camera. License fully expandable to cater for additional cameras are your CCTV system grows
  • Built-in motion detection initiates recording based on activity to reduce storage requirements
  • Pre-capture buffer allows a number of seconds of video to be captured prior to any motion detection recording
  • Motion detection masks can be set to exclude areas from detection to help reduce false alarms from areas with constant movement
  • A timelapse, continuous recording option is available for when you want non-stop recording of images from 1 or all cameras
  • Remote viewing allows you to access your surveillance system using a Internet browser over the local network (LAN) or across the Internet
  • Increased performance of the Java applet in v2.0 gives better remote viewing. Audio can also be streamed to a web browser using the Java applet
  • SecuritySpy offers control over a wide number of network cameras with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) operation
  • Video can be compressed on the fly using a number of video codecs including Apple Intermediate Codec, JPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264
  • FTP image transfer based on alarm activity to a suitable FTP server for image storage
  • Email notifications can be sent when alarm has been triggered by motion detection. Option to add
  • An audible alarm can be set to play a sound when alarm has been triggered
  • New option in v2.0 to print images from the camera contextual menus
  • Timestamp feature allows the date/time to be overlaid onto images which is useful for evidence purposes for recording exactly when video footage was taken
  • Scheduling allows you to activate cameras at set times during the day or week allowing further storage savings by not having to record footage when it’s not needed
  • To free disk space SecuritySpy will automatically delete old footage by either a set number of days or by a set percentage of disk space used
  • Browser feature can be used to browse easily through saved recordings helping to find the footage you need
  • SecuritySpy can also be used as a video server allowing one copy of the software to stream video to a central copy. You can have several instances of SecuritySpy running in a number of departments, for example, all sending video to a central copy of SecuritySpy in a control room
  • Applescript support allows scripts to be run when the software triggers an alarm. Scripting in this way gives endless possibilities as to how your system will react to alarm-based activity
  • New screen capture features in v2.0 with the add-on Screen Capture Pack (free add-on)
  • Improved threading allows SecuritySpy to take advantage of computers with multiple processors
  • V2.0 improves overall efficiency for FTP, email sending, JPEG and MPEG-4 compression, writing to disk and PTZ operation
  • Network cameras in v2.0 can now be found automatically using Bonjour advertising, with settings to enable/disable in built-in web server

SecuritySpy - Typical applications:

  • Reliable and feature-packed video surveillance application for the Mac. Suitable for security for the home or small-medium sized businesses

SecuritySpy - List of supported devices:

  • SecuritySpy is compatible with a wide range of IP cameras, webcams, analogue cameras, video encoders and digital multiplexers. For a full list please follow this link: SecuritySpy - List of supported devices

SecuritySpy - System requirements:

  • Mac Mini or MacBook: Max. 10 cameras
  • iMac or MacBook Pro: Max. 12 cameras
  • Mac Pro or Xserve: Max. 40 cameras
  • Assuming you want to keep captured footage for approx. 2 weeks you should allow 18GB of free disk space per camera (MPEG-4), 60GB of free disk space per camera (JPEG)
  • Operating system: at least Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
This item has been discontinued