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Panasonic i-Pro WV-SC385 outdoor bundle, HD 720p, pan/tilt/zoom IP camera with 18x optical zoom, on-board SD recording

Panasonic i-Pro WV-SC385 outdoor bundle, HD 720p, pan/tilt/zoom IP camera with 18x optical zoom, on-board SD recording

This bundle is now discontinued, for the associated camera please see Panasonic WV-SC385

Overview of Panasonic WV-SC385 outdoor bundle

This is the outdoor bundle version of the Panasonic WV-SC385 and comes with an outdoor housing and bracket. An indoor version is available.

The Panasonic WV-SC385, accompanied by a Videotec Medusa housing, is an outdoor pan/tilt/zoom dome camera capable of providing a highly-detailed, full HD 720p image, making it an ideal solution for surveillance in large, crowded areas or situations that require facial identification, such as airports and industrial sites. The WV-SC385's detailed image is combined with an 18x optical and 12x digital zoom, enabling you to enlarge and focus on specific areas of the camera's field of view.

Key features & benefits of Panasonic WV-SC385 outdoor bundle

  • Full HD 720p image, useful for surveillance in busy areas or for facial identification
  • 18x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom allows you to isolate areas of the camera's field of view for detailed monitoring
  • Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch technologies deliver wider dynamic range than conventional cameras, significantly improving levels of detail in highlighted and shadowed areas of the image
  • Day/night functionality provides a HD colour image in good to poor lighting conditions and an infrared-sensitive black-and-white image in extremely poor lighting conditions
  • Auto-flip feature allows the camera to track an object a full 360°
  • Auto-tracking will keep a detected object or person in the centre of the camera's field of view
  • Built-in motion and face detection can notify you by e-mail of any activity and trigger recording
  • Footage can be stored on-board the camera using an SD card (not supplied)

Panasonic WV-SC385 outdoor bundle


  • Panasonic WV-SC385 IP camera (WV-SC385)
  • Videotec Medusa housing with sunshield and clear bubble (DBH18K0F028)
  • Videotec adapter plate, input voltage: 115 - 240 V AC (ODBH18H110)
  • Setup CD
  • Installation guide
  • Code label
  • Power cable plug
  • Decorative cover
  • Camera mount bracket
  • Camera fixing screws

Please note: we recommend a qualified electrician installs this product.

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