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Veracity Highwire Powerstar Quad VHW-HWPS-C4 Ethernet and PoE over coax, 4-port

Veracity Highwire Powerstar Quad VHW-HWPS-C4 Ethernet and PoE over coax, 4-port
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  • 4-port Ethernet & PoE over coax
  • Supplies data and PoE power via coax
  • Compatible with Highwire Powerstar units
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Overview of the Veracity Highwire Powerstar Quad

The Veracity VHW-HWPS-C4 Highwire Powerstar Quad allows an existing coax cable to be used as an Ethernet network connection for up to 4 IP devices. The unit is compatible with all Veracity Highwire Powerstar base units which supply POE power via coax or it can also be powered locally, at the camera end, using an optional PSU to provide a higher POE power budget. This provides a cost-effective installation solution when migrating from an analogue system to a digital IP system as the existing coax cabling can be kept to help reduce installation time and costs.

The unit features an integrated 4-port POE switch, it’s easy to install and requires no configuration when connecting IP devices. In addition, Veracity’s SafeView LED display enables users to instantly check connection status and available power levels from either end of the cable.

Different power methods provide flexible installation options and offer a variety of PoE budgets to help meet power requirements. A standard PoE or PoE+ switch can be connected at the base end of the coax to provide a power budget of up to 20W. Two alternative PSU’s are also available (select from the dropdown menu above) offering increased power budgets - 25W via the base end of the coax or up to 78W via the camera end. Please see the table below for a full PoE power budget breakdown.

PSU Location Power Supply PoE Budget
(to IP cameras)
Base End PoE switch 10W
Base End PoE+ switch 20W
Base End VPSU-57V-800 25W
Camera End VPSU-57V-800 40W
Camera End VPSU-57V-1500 78W

Please note: this device does not come with a power supply, please select from the above drop down menu if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Delivers video data and PoE/PoE+ to a maximum of four connected IP devices via co-axial video cable

  • Integrated 4-port POE switch (POE+ with local power option)
  • Offers a cost-effective solution when converting analogue camera systems to digital IP systems as no new cabling is required
  • Automatic connection of IP devices for quick and easy configuration
  • Compatible with all Veracity Highwire Powerstar base units

Typical applications

The Veracity Highwire Powerstar Quad is ideal when converting from analogue CCTV to digital IP CCTV systems. It allows the existing coax cabling to be kept, helpful in locations where cabling may be very long or inaccessible.

Key technical features for the Veracity Highwire Powerstar Quad

Data rates: 200 Mbps (total up and down)
PoE Standards: IEEE 802.af and IEEE 802.3AT compliant
Power input: PoE or 57V DC
PoE Power output: 10W - 78W (depending on power source) managed across 4 ports, 25W per port max.
Connectors: RJ45 x 4 un-managed 10/100 switch
Network cables: 75 Ohm coaxial to 500 m (RG59, RG6, RG11 or similar)
Operating temperatures: -10 to 45°C
Dimensions: 22mm (H) x 75mm (W) x 132mm (L)
Weight: 0.17kg
Warranty:5 years
Included accessories: none
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