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Raytec Vario2 i8-2 double infrared LED illuminator with up to 180° beam angle and a maximum of 500m distance

Raytec Vario2 i8-2 double infrared LED illuminator with up to 180° beam angle and a maximum of 500m distance
£750.00   £900.00 inc VAT
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  • Outdoor-ready double infrared illuminator
  • Maximum illumination distance of 500m
  • LED indicator for system status
  • Vario Zoom system support
  • Raytec 5-year warranty
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Overview of the Raytec Vario2 i8-2

Call for availability prior to ordering

The Raytec Vario2 i8-2 is an outdoor-ready double infrared (IR) illuminator that can be used alongside any IP camera that features infrared-sensitivity to boost night-time surveillance. Part of Raytec’s Vario2 series, this high-performance unit also features Adaptive illumination and Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT).

With a 10° narrow beam angle and up to 500m of illumination, this unit is an ideal lighting solution when monitoring long distances at night. Supplied with 10°, 35° or 60° lens inserts, users can take advantage of the Vario interchangeable lens system to adjust the angle of illumination. Optional 80° or 120° lens inserts are also available if a wider angle is required (see dropdown menu above).

Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT) helps to generate longer illumination distances and ensures that light is delivered to where it is most needed, all whilst preventing objects in the foreground from being overexposed. Additionally, this unit supports Platinum Elite SMT LED technology that works in tandem with a Cool Running Thermal management system to provide a powerful and reliable illuminator choice.

This unit also supports several green features such as power adjustment, telemetry control and a timer function - helping to keep energy costs down. In addition, an optional Vario remote control is available which allows for quick and easy setup from ground level, along with access to advanced features.

Beam distances for Raytec Vario2 i8-2:

Lens Narrow angle Wide angle
10 x 10° 500m at 10° 354m at 20°
35 x 10°(fitted as standard) 240m at 35° 170m at 70°
60 x 25° 135m at 60° 95m at 120°
80° x 30° 100m at 80° 76m at 140°
120° x 50° 65m at 120° 53m at 180°

Please note: a power supply is not included with this illuminator, please select from the above dropdown menu if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Infrared illuminator provides low-light surveillance in locations where light conditions are inadequate
  • Outdoor-ready housing is IP66-rated, offering protection against inclement weather conditions
  • 850nm LEDs provide a maximum illumination distance of 500m
  • Supplied with a range of lens inserts that allows the user to select the most appropriate beam angle and illumination range to meet their requirements
  • Elliptical infrared beam is highly diffused and delivers light to where it is required using Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
  • Operational feedback is provided by LED status indicators, for quick and easy maintenance reviews
  • Green features including power adjustment and telemetry control helps keep energy costs down
  • Easy fine tuning from the ground using the optional remote control

Typical applications

The Raytec Vario2 i8-2 IR illuminator provides improved night-time surveillance of large outdoor areas where ambient lighting is unsatisfactory. With a number of lens insert options available, this reliable device is ideal for areas that require surveillance over long distances, such as car parks, city surveillance and stadiums.



  • 10°, 35° and 60° Vario holographic lens inserts
  • Wall/ceiling mount bracket

Optional (please select from the dropdown menu above):

  • PSU-VAR-100W-2
  • Raytec Vario remote control
  • Raytec Vario 80° or 120° holographic lens inserts

Key technical features for Raytec Vario2 i8-2

Environment: outdoor (IP66-rated)
Max distance: 500m (at 10° x 10°) - dependent on lens choice 
Angle: VARIO interchangeable lens system, standard pack includes 10° circular + 35° x 10° (fitted as standard) and 60° x 25° elliptical lenses. Additional optional lenses: 80° x 30°, 120° x 50° (please select from above dropdown menu if required)
Optics: platinum elite SMT LEDs, 48 x LEDs
Consumption: 92W max
Input: 12/24V AC/DC 
Weight: 4.5 kg
Temp range: -50 to +50°C
Cable length: 2.5m
Colour: black
Wavelength: 850nm (940nm options available)
Dimensions: 279 x 223 x 68mm
Warranty: 5 years
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