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| NVR109

LILIN NVR109 network video recorder with touchscreen support, 9 channels, full HD 1080p output and up to 12TB storage

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This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Wisenet XRN-1620SB1

Overview of the LILIN NVR109

The LILIN NVR109 is part of the LILIN NVR range and can support up to 9 camera channels, making it ideal for managing a small CCTV installation both locally and on the move. With multi-screen touch support, it can be connected to and navigated from a touchscreen with smartphone features such as ‘pinch and zoom’; this makes the system easy to use and accessible for anyone. H.264 compression optimises storage space with little effect on original footage; each camera stream can be configured to SD and/or HD resolution, furthering the optimisation of bandwidth use.

Mobile devices are supported by the NVR109 through 3G, so video can be viewed live or recordings can be played back using iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android devices; this is beneficial as data can be managed from anywhere with a 3G signal. Browser-based live monitoring and playback is also supported on the LILIN NVR109 network video recorder.


LILIN CMX 3.6 recording software which comes included with all LILIN cameras is supported by the LILIN NVRs, making integration quick and easy; this is furthered by the NVR’s IP scan facility, which automatically locates any cameras on the network. Video streams can be individually configured as HD and/or SD resolution to allow flexibility in bandwidth usage. This NVR has the ability to be set up as a standalone system connected to a touchscreen monitor, or be used via the network.

The LILIN NVR109 is compatible with network cameras, network speed dome cameras and video servers. Little maintenance is required for the NVR116 as it has a built in health check feature which monitors temperature, network status and cooling fan.

Key features & benefits

  • Multi-touch screen support allows the NVR to be navigated with smartphone-style features such as ‘pinch and zoom’ when used with a touchscreen monitor. This simplifies the process of learning and using the NVR
  • 4 SATA HDDs are supported, along with 1 eSATA , providing plenty of storage (up to 12TB) for data
  • Multiple input methods mean the NVR can be controlled by several means including joystick, remote control or USB mouse, giving the user a choice and flexibility in what method of navigation they prefer
  • Full HD 1080p output provides high quality, detailed video and images, making identification easier
  • External USB DVD/RW enables easy export of data
  • 3G mobile device support for live monitoring and playback and browser-based management also supported including PTZ control. This means data management can be carried out anywhere away from the NVR or whilst on the move, increasing flexibility for the user
  • Automated installation wizard makes setup quick and easy

Typical applications

The LILIN NVR109 is suited to small IP camera installations with up to 9 cameras such as small businesses, bars or small retail stores. The NVR allows viewing via an easy-to-use touchscreen and is ideal for when monitoring needs to be carried out remotely e.g. at night time. Support for mobile devices means data can be accessed and managed from anywhere, even abroad.



  • LILIN CMX management software
  • Power adapter
  • Remote control
  • HDDs (when selected with the dropdown menu above)


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Key technical features for LILIN NVR109

Environmentindoor, 0°C to +45&C
Supported devices:LILIN IP cameras and video encoders
Maximum no. of cameras:9
HDD type:SATA port x 4, 1 eSATA
Audio:only 2MP and 3MP IP cameras support audio function (June 2013)
CPU and OS:ARM Cortex A9 processor @ 600 MHz, Linux 2.6 kernel
Maximum throughput:48Mbps
Power:DC 12V, 6.67A/ 80W
Resolution:1080P/ 720P/ D1/ VGA
Frame-rate:25 fps per channel in all resolutions
Viewing, detection & recording
Camera control:64 x digital zoom, freeze, split control
Playback control:resolution 1080P/ 720P/ D1/ VGA. Playback video: 1080P/ 720P/ D1/ VGA. Speed FR: 2X, 4X, 8X,16X, 32X, 64X. FF: 2X, 4X, 8X,16X, 32X, 64X. Split screen for 4 cameras
Recording mode:external alarm, motion detection, schedule, manual
Screensupport USB multi-touch screen, split screen into 4, 8, 9
Simultaneous users:up to 15 users with different access rights
Alarm detection:external alarm, video loss, stop recording, power recovering, motion detection, schedule, logon, HDD format
Alarm notifications:alarm notification with JPEG attachments
Card recordingnot supported
Backup:USB 2.0 flash disk/ HTTP file download/ audio supported, DVD/RW Slim DVD/RW or External USB DVD/RW
Power:DC 12V/ 6.67A/ 80W
Network:Gigabit LAN, RJ45 x1
Audio:RCA, 1 output
Monitor:HDMI (1920 x 1080p) VGA (up to 1920 x 1080p)
Mouse:USB, mouse-click, mouse scroll, mouse drag
HDMI output:1920 x 1080p
Other:RRS-485 keyboard connector, input and output x 2, 12V output, RS-485 PTZ output x 1
Dimensions:360 x 316 x 60 mm
Weight:3.0kg (w/o HDD)
Warranty:3 years
Operating temperatures:0°C - +45°C /humidity: 0%-80%
Power consumption:80W
Protocols supported:ARP/ TCP/IP/ UDP/ HTTP/ SMTP/ FTP/ DDNS
Mobile software:iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry
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