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Milestone XProtect Smart Wall

Milestone XProtect Smart Wall add-on
This category features the licence for Milestone XProtect Smart wall, a multi-screen presentation application that allows a video wall to be configured and managed through XProtect VMS. The application is compatible with any combination of monitors allowing users the flexibility to choose a setup that suits them.
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 Milestone XProtect Smart Wall add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect  Milestone XProtect Smart Wall add-on application 
  • Included in XProtect Corporate and compatible with Expert
  • One licence required to add onto an XProtect system
  • Create a multi-screen set up through XProtect VMS
  • supports any combination of monitors from any manufacturer
 Price: £9,507.00  Add to order 
Showing 1 to 1 (of 1 products) Product pages:  1