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network video decoders
Network video decoders enable users to decode video from IP cameras for viewing on a digital monitor. Our range features models from Axis, LILIN and Synology.
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 Axis T8705 video decoder with HD 1080p resolution support, HDMI output and up to 16-channel multiview capability  Axis T8705 video decoder 
  • Decodes IP video to digital monitor
  • HD 1080p resolution support
  • Includes HDMI output for local display
  • Up to 16-channel multiview capability
 Price: £258.00  Add to order 
 LILIN VD022 video decoder with 1080p real-time HD, 9 channels, H.264 and touch screen support  LILIN VD022 9 channel decoder 
  • Decode live video to monitors in HD 1080p
  • Offers support for touch screens
  • Power and network connectivity via PoE
 Price: £269.00  Add to order 
 Axis P7701 video decoder with analogue and digital output, triple-codec support and one-way audio  Axis P7701 video decoder 
  • Analogue & digital monitors compatibility
  • One-way audio support
  • Power and network connectivity via PoE
  • Triple-codec support
 Price: £309.00  Add to order 
 Synology VS360HD VisualStation video decoder, up to 36 channels, 5 megapixel resolution support and VESA mounting kit  Synology VS360HD VisualStation video decoder 
  • High-performance decoder for 36-channels
  • Support for Surveillance Station software
  • USB port allows the fast export of data
 Price: £485.00  Add to order 
Showing 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Product pages:  1