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Why register for an account?

When you make a purchase at www.networkwebcams.co.uk you may provide us with your personal and contact details so that we can send your purchases to the right person, at the correct location. We also use that information during each payment transaction to verify your credit card before we can accept your purchase.

We give you the opportunity to control the information held on our servers about you if you create an account through which you can manage this information.

This account, which you may sign up for at any time irrespective of whether you make a purchase from us or not, also provides useful features to make it easier to go through our checkout process. Information like:
  • Your order history - we permanently store details of every transaction you make through the website allowing you to review your purchase history at any time
  • View or change your account information - information is stored and automatically used during checkout
  • View or change entries in your address book - for security, the delivery address used in each transaction must match the address on your credit card
  • Manage your newletter subscription
  • Manage your product notifications
  • Automatically save your order details between visits

Your security and privacy

We take your security and privacy very seriously indeed and have implemented a number of security-related procedures which protect both you and us from credit card fraud. These include:
  • The use of a PCI-DSS compliant (level 1) payment gateway (Opayo, formerly SagePay) - we do not store or transmit any details of your credit card in our systems
  • We require 3D Secure on all transactions
  • Ensuring your delivery address matches your credit card account address
  • We clearly state our privacy policy on our website, meaning you always know where you stand
  • We are a Cyber Essentials+ certified business
If you have any questions about any of this please do contact us.