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Your security

As stated in our Privacy Notice and Conditions of Use we take the privacy and security of your personal data very seriously. Here are the some of the steps we take to ensure your purchases with us are made in as secure a way as they can be:

  • We use SSL server certificate encryption to encrypt any data you input into our website. To verify our SSL certificate's status double-click the padlock icon in your browser and read the information presented.
  • We DO NOT store or transmit your credit card details anywhere in our systems. In the unlikely event that our servers our compromised your payment details cannot be stolen or removed in any way by malicious hackers.
  • If you would feel more safe making your payment over the phone we are happy to accept your details this way. Just call 0151 633 2111.
  • We use Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant Online Payment Gateway (SagePay/Opayo) to make your transaction even more secure. Transactions made through their system are SSL protected through Verisign.
  • We have taken various security measures in our programming code to make this site safer to use and more secure. In addition to the protection afforded to by SagePay we also have our website independently verified for security by ScanAlert and their HackerSafe program.
  • We have implemented a Web Application Firewall to protect this website from security threats and attacks.
  • NW Security Group is accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus.