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Price-match Promise

When you buy from us, you buy with confidence

Our Price-match Promise is a key part of our Buy with Confidence commitment to our customers.

This means that when we do a price-match you will also benefit from our Free Technical Helpdesk and Buy and Try service.

If you are looking for a price-match, call us now on the number at the top right of this page or send us a request. We'll confirm the price-match straight away and can process your order immediately.

Our Price-match Promise assures you that we will match any like-for-like quote you have received, or any lower price you have found on the Internet.

Important Price-match Promise information

Our price-match promise is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Our price-match promise applies only to other Internet retailers that have the identical product in stock or immediately available and the product is priced correctly and accurately
  • To price-match, we must be satisfied that the products in question are identical
  • Prices are compared excluding delivery charges. Our price-match promise does not apply to delivery charges
  • Prices are compared excluding Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • We do not price-match with special offers, promotions, discount vouchers and/or product-bundle pricing
  • Our price-match promise does not apply to B-grade stock or products that are not new
  • Our price-match promise is limited to the geographical boundaries of the country you are in. We do not price-match Internet retailers that are based outside your country
  • We only price-match prices or quotations of bona fide companies. Prices of competitors offering so called grey or parallel imported products or goods will not be considered for price-matching
  • Our price-match promise does not apply to products and/or goods offered on auction websites, including eBay
  • Any decision whether or not to price-match is at the sole discretion of NW Security Group Limited, the owner and operator of this website. We reserve the right to refuse any price-match request without reason and under no circumstances do we have a legal obligation to offer a price-match. We will at all times act reasonably and in good faith
  • These terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time and without notice.