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How to create an app-based CCTV system with no PC

August 11th, 2016 by Network Webcams

App-based CCTV ideal for small businesses and home usersIf you’re a small business or home user, you’re probably seeking a simple CCTV solution. For example, by using a free app on your phone or tablet to access live video and recordings. Making it easy to safeguard your business or home with no complicated set-up or configuration.

Until recently, it’s not been that easy. Typically, a PC was required during the installation of the IP camera.

Now it’s possible to do using just a mobile app. Although we probably wouldn’t use the phrase “Plug and play”, the solution is certainly very straight forward.

Both Axis and Hikvision support this app-based approach. We’ll outline how to get up and running, weigh up each brand’s offering and consider the limitations.


Build your own surveillance system with the Axis F series

April 27th, 2016 by Network Webcams

The Axis F series offers a very flexible way of creating a high performance IP CCTV system – complete with video management software and remote access – all without the need for a dedicated PC, server or Network Video Recorder (NVR).Axis F series hardware and Axis Camera Companion

An F series camera consists of separate HD sensor / lens units which connect to a main unit (the body of the camera) via a cable. Axis refer to this design as a ‘divided concept’ and a choice of 7 lenses offers users the flexibility to build a surveillance system to meet their exact needs.

Since the series was launched in 2014, we’ve seen the Axis F series used for a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications. The ultra compact design and options for discreet installation make these cameras particularly popular with small office-based businesses, independent retailers and restaurants.

We’re going to show you how you can put together your own system in 3 easy steps.


The phenomenon of Viewer Creep in IP video systems

October 21st, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

Photo of Frank Crouwel, Managing Director of NW Systems GroupA well-known form of ‘Creep’ many of you will have heard of is Mission Creep linked to humanitarian interventions in war-torn countries which escalate into, initially unintended, long-lasting military campaigns.

In the world of software coding, programmers talk about Feature Creep as system features or capabilities are extended mid-way through projects. Meanwhile, project managers frequently bemoan Scope Creep, the process by which a project grows beyond its originally anticipated size or complexity.


Top 7 IP Camera Surveillance Trends in 2013

January 23rd, 2013 by Frank Crouwel

Top 7 IP camera trends for 2013Having been in the business for more than the last 13 years, we figure we know a thing or two about a number of things: what’s likely to be a fad; which piece of high-tech is not quite mature enough for the marketplace, and which systems are coming into their own.

At this time of year, it’s always interesting to predict the big hitter developments in the industry. Here at Network Webcams, we offer our predictions of what’s hot and what’s not in video surveillance and IP cameras for 2013.


Lilin starts 2013 with massive price reductions on HD security cameras

January 17th, 2013 by Frank Crouwel

Lilin IPD-2220ES 1080P HD dome IP cameraDuring 2012 we have seen HD 720p cameras below £200 being launched into the CCTV market. Axis, Panasonic, Sony, Vivotek and Lilin all joined the frame. The rapidly, ever improving, price v. performance ratio in the world of IP cameras is great news for CCTV users.

2013 has only just started and we have already seen the first HD 1080p camera dropping below the £200 mark. The trend of 2012 seems set to continue in the coming year.


Milestone users – Be aware of PMA amnesty expiry on 2nd January

December 20th, 2012 by Kevin Bowyer

We’d like to inform our customers that the Milestone XProtect PMA/SUP amnesty is due to end on 2nd January 2013.

Milestone recently replaced their PMA (Product Maintenance Agreement) with an SUP (Software Upgrade Plan) and with this change introduced a beneficial amnesty meaning that if you were running Milestone without a valid PMA, you could buy an SUP without having to pay for backdating the agreement. This meant great savings for Milestone XProtect users who bought XProtect without a PMA or whose PMA had expired.

That amnesty ends on 2nd January 2013.

How to license cameras offline in Milestone XProtect

October 18th, 2012 by Kevin Bowyer

In another of our Milestone XProtect series of how to blogs, I’ll take you through how to license new cameras whilst not connected to the Internet.

Why might you want to licence a camera offline?

Any manager of a security system needs to make decisions about how that system is connected to the network. We encounter XProtect-based security systems of all sizes and configurations. Some are connected to the Internet and some are not. XProtect’s mobile server capability would require an online connection, but if you have no need for this feature or tie your network down tightly your XProtect server may be operating offline, and in this case you’ll be licensing cameras offline.


What’s new in Axis Camera Companion v1.2?

September 21st, 2012 by Kevin Bowyer

Last week, Axis announced a new version of its Axis Camera Companion (ACC) software which allows small security systems to be created very quickly and in a user-friendly manner.

Aimed at the retail market, but applicable to small systems of up to 16 cameras in any sector, and touted in some discussions as a ‘VMS Killer’ (which I don’t think it is – more on this another time), the updated version includes support for audio, Corridor Format (portrait orientation) video, digital evidence features and more integration options.

So what are the changes?


Milestone release 6.0 Device Pack for XProtect software

May 3rd, 2012 by Emily

Milestone Advanced Partner logoMilestone have released their latest XProtect Device Pack. This update to the popular IP camera recording platform has added support for new IP cameras and has also corrected specific issues previously raised with certain camera models.

This system expansion and added support re-instates Milestone’s drive to maintain their position as the market leader in Video Management Software.

Unboxing Panasonic’s latest pan/tilt IP camera: The i-Pro WV-ST165

April 13th, 2012 by James Drinkwater

Hot off the production line, here’s a sneak peek at Panasonic’s replacement for their popular BB-HCM715; the i-Pro WV-ST165 pan/tilt IP camera. We’ve unboxed the camera to show you what to expect.

Image of the box for the Panasonic i-Pro WV-ST165