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How to set up Mobotix MxEasy video management software with Mobotix IP cameras

August 3rd, 2009 by Simon

MxEasy is a video management software from Mobotix which works with up to 16 Mobotix IP cameras. Mobotix IP cameras work around a decentralised concept where all processing is performed on the camera itself with storage at the edge. All data is recorded on locally attached (to the camera) storage devices. MxEasy offers an easy way to configure, monitor and play back recordings from multiple Mobotix IP cameras.

This guide walks you through the initial setup wizard which will open when you first run MxEasy. The setup wizard will search for available Mobotix IP cameras on your network, allow you to configure the cameras with a compatible IP address for your network and set security access to MxEasy and the selected cameras.