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Archive for the ‘IP Camera Basics’ Category

Dynamic IP address VS Static IP address

April 25th, 2008 by Greg

Your IP address is the web address (or URL) you would use to access your camera externally from the Internet and should be used in situations where you find you have been given a dynamic IP address from your DSL provider (ISP).

Dynamic IP vs Static IP

When the Internet was originally designed they did not see the need to have an endless amount of IP addresses and today the number of addresses available are fast running out. One way to get around the problem is to share IP addresses and this is what your Internet provider does. To save using all of their allotted IP addresses they save a percentage to use for sharing. The shared addresses are then allocated to customers as and when they log in to the Internet with their computer. This is known as a dynamic IP address and this allows you to use the Internet but makes it very difficult, even impossible to access your computer from another location on the Internet. Using a telephone analogy, think of it as calling from a pay-phone, you can make a call out when you need to but you don’t really care what number you are calling from.


Port-Forwarding 101

October 22nd, 2007 by Greg

One of the many benefits of IP cameras is their ability to act independently of a PC. Being a standalone device you simply plug it into a broadband enabled router or switch and with a bit of work you can access your camera’s video footage and administrator pages from anywhere in the world. It is not uncommon for people to use cameras to keep an eye on their home, elderly relatives, driveways or even pets and they can do so from work, from holiday or even from another country, but external access made available through port forwarding is also necessary at larger scales.

Here at Network Webcams Tech HQ we find that most people run into a basic snag which prevents them from being able to access their camera over the Internet – by default, if you try and gain access to your home network from anywhere on the internet you will find that the firewall in your router will block that incoming access. This is great for your everyday security but not so great when you want to view your camera. ‘Port-Forwarding’ is rarely, if ever, enabled by default.

In this article I will explain just what that means and point out the things to consider when setting up your IP camera for remote Internet access. Read more >>