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Archive for the ‘Home Security’ Category

Rules for domestic CCTV users

March 16th, 2022 by Frank Crouwel

Home CCTV cameraThe rise in the use of CCTV cameras on domestic properties in recent years has led to some court cases with people complaining about their neighbours’ CCTV cameras or the increasingly common video doorbell. One example is the case of a man who installed a video doorbell to watch his car driveway but was brought in front of Oxford County Court by his neighbour, who felt she was under his constant surveillance. A large claim for damages was made as the judge ruled data protection laws had been breached.


How to create an app-based CCTV system with no PC

August 11th, 2016 by Network Webcams

App-based CCTV ideal for small businesses and home usersIf you’re a small business or home user, you’re probably seeking a simple CCTV solution. For example, by using a free app on your phone or tablet to access live video and recordings. Making it easy to safeguard your business or home with no complicated set-up or configuration.

Until recently, it’s not been that easy. Typically, a PC was required during the installation of the IP camera.

Now it’s possible to do using just a mobile app. Although we probably wouldn’t use the phrase “Plug and play”, the solution is certainly very straight forward.

Both Axis and Hikvision support this app-based approach. We’ll outline how to get up and running, weigh up each brand’s offering and consider the limitations.


2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras. What’s new?

March 12th, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

Y-cam Solutions Bullet HD Network CameraY-cam Solutions have launched their 2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras, available in either HD 720p or  HD 1080p versions. Y-cam is a popular camera brand amongst home users and small and medium sized businesses, with all Y-cam models offering wireless capabilities, ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, browsers and mobile platforms. So how have the new 2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras improved from the first generation models?


Top 5 most frequently asked technical questions about network cameras

December 17th, 2012 by Network Webcams

Technical FAQsThe Network Webcams technical support team gets asked thousands of questions every year.

While many questions are specific to a particular system’s installation, there are others that crop up frequently.

In fact, most technical support questions fall into a handful of issues.

Without further ado, let’s delve into what these issues are and how to resolve them…


Product Launch: Axis Communications add new cameras to their popular M30 range

August 29th, 2012 by Kevin Bowyer

Axis has released two new cameras to its existing M30 camera range.

The M30-V series are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, ideal for unobtrusive surveillance, and are vandal-resistant for mounting in exposed locations.

The integrated recording system helps to lower system costs with video stored either to MicroSD memory cards or local networked drives. Axis Camera Companion support offers easy viewing and management of up to 16 Axis IP cameras.

The M30-V cameras are available in two resolutions; the Axis M3004-V offers HD 720p video and is available at £186, while for £259 the Axis M3005-V produces HD 1080p footage.

With this price point and level of functionality, the M30-V IP cameras, like others in the full Axis camera range offer exceptional value.

Coming soon: Axis M1014 with HD 720p at a very affordable price

July 4th, 2012 by James Drinkwater

Axis M1013 Axis m1014

Axis is launching one of the most affordable HD IP cameras on the market today. The new Axis M1014 has High Definition 720p resolution and will cost just £158.

At the same time Axis will introduce an SVGA version of this model, the Axis M1013, which at just £124 sets a new price-performance benchmark at the entry-level of the IP camera market.

The Axis M1014 and Axis M1013 IP cameras are targeted for use in small-scale CCTV installations and the domestic security market. Both have the capacity for on-board MicroSD card recording, making the cameras perfect for use with Axis Camera Companion, Axis’ edge-based recording system allowing easy viewing of live footage and recordings through use of mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices.


Unboxing Panasonic’s latest pan/tilt IP camera: The i-Pro WV-ST165

April 13th, 2012 by James Drinkwater

Hot off the production line, here’s a sneak peek at Panasonic’s replacement for their popular BB-HCM715; the i-Pro WV-ST165 pan/tilt IP camera. We’ve unboxed the camera to show you what to expect.

Image of the box for the Panasonic i-Pro WV-ST165


Milestone replace Basis+ with XProtect Essential

June 30th, 2010 by James Drinkwater

Milestone IP camera surveillance and recording softwareMilestone have just replaced their popular XProtect Basis+ surveillance software with XProtect Essential. Essential is an entry level application aimed at the small business market with the option of monitoring and recording of up to 26 cameras.

Similarly to Basis+, Essential is compatible with over 800 IP camera and video server models and is a powerful surveillance tool for any security network. The new software has been streamlined and is easier to configure and use than its predecessor.

XProtect Essential has some very interesting improvements over the older application, making it much more enticing to security installers and end users.

Panasonic Discontinue BL-C1 and BL-C20 IP Cameras

July 29th, 2009 by Greg

Panasonic BL-C101 Mini wireless IP security camera We’ve just heard that Panasonic are now officially discontinuing their BL-C1 and BL-C20 IP cameras.

This has been coming for a while as these models have already been replaced for a few months with the BL-C101 and BL-C121 respectively.

The BL-C101 and BL-C121 (wireless) offer advanced features over the old models, including:


Crime Figures Show Robberies Are Up

July 29th, 2009 by Simon

British Crime Survey

Recent reports out from the British Crime Survey show that in the last year while violent crime is down compared to the previous year, theft related crime has risen in the wake of the economic down turn.

Trends show a rise in domestic burglary and shoplifting over the past year along with a rise in the overall risk of being a victim of crime.

Many people today are now looking for new and reliable ways to protect their homes. Recent figures show that households with even basic security are nearly 2.5x less likely to be a victim of burglary than households with no security features. This figure rises to nearly 5x for households which include enhanced security.