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Archive for the ‘Bosch’ Category

Everything you need to know about the new Bosch 3000i range

May 21st, 2021 by Kelly McNee

Bosch 3000i range of IP video camerasBosch have launched a new range of IP cameras that offer their usual high-quality video monitoring at a more cost-effective price point.

The 3000i range consists of four form factors with various resolution and lens options – so you’ll easily be able to find a camera to suit your needs. Read more >>

Beyond the Datasheet: Our top IP camera contenders for 2018

January 25th, 2018 by Network Webcams

Looking back over 2017, we saw continuous growth of the IP camera market with the introduction of new product ranges and interesting technologies. Industry leaders Axis released their first ever, innovatively designed, ‘true’ outdoor-ready CS-mount IP camera and also brought the best-selling M31 Series to the table. Meanwhile, Samsung Wisenet’s P, Q and X ranges were introduced to Network Webcams and we saw Bosch’s new ‘intelligent’ range of IP cameras which feature edge-based, IVA and Essential video analytics. It was also a big year in terms of software, with Milestone releasing two new ‘business-ready’ XProtect products: XProtect Express+ and Professional+. Both of which provide access to a host of advanced Milestone features and allow you to take full advantage of the latest in IP camera technology.

With an abundance of IP cameras available, it can often be a daunting task to choose the right model for your needs. To make things a little easier, we decided to highlight some of the units which we feel could be popular ‘go-to’ choices this year.


How Green is your IP Camera?

May 24th, 2017 by Network Webcams

How Green is your IP Camera?Taking responsibility for the impact on the environment is a 21st century challenge for all businesses. For some organisations, green credentials are an important consideration when purchasing any equipment they use.

How do the IP camera brands we supply at Network Webcams compare when looking at their environmental responsibility policies? To see how green your IP camera is, we researched 8 manufacturers to see how easily we could discover their stance on the environment. Do they highlight their goals and commitments to being more energy efficient? How are they reducing their carbon footprint or minimising the materials used in their products? How do they reduce waste?


Bosch DIVAR IP desktop units offer powerful recording and storage solutions

April 3rd, 2017 by Network Webcams

Bosch DIVAR IP 3000 and 5000 unitsFollowing the well-received arrival of Bosch’s IP camera range to Network Webcams, we’ve now added a couple of recording and storage solutions from this premium manufacturer that are suitable for any medium sized business. The Bosch DIVAR IP 3000 and 5000 units are now available – delivering high-performance recording and storage in a neat desktop sized box to complement the extensive range of Bosch IP cameras.


Using image rotation to optimise coverage and bandwidth usage

March 8th, 2017 by Network Webcams

Demonstrating how rotating the image is beneficialWhen choosing a camera for video surveillance in narrow scenes such as long corridors, staircases, aisles and tunnels, the traditional landscape-oriented setup may not be the optimal choice. If you’re monitoring a narrow corridor or passageway, a sizeable portion of the scene is going to be walls either side, making a lot of your image redundant. The full area and resolution of the camera’s image sensor is not being fully utilised and this means that evidence of events occurring outside this limited area of coverage may be missed. These redundant sections either side of the image also consume bandwidth and storage that could really be put to better use.

This is where the ability to rotate the image proves to be very handy. This feature allows you to obtain a portrait-oriented video stream – effectively turning an HD camera’s 16:9 aspect ratio to a 9:16 aspect ratio. By filming in this orientation, you are ensuring that the whole sensor covers the area of interest, maximising coverage and eliminating bandwidth and storage waste.


Bosch introduces new feature-packed FLEXIDOME and DINION Starlight models

February 15th, 2017 by Network Webcams

Bosch's latest Starlight dome and bullet IP camerasSince the announcement back in September 2016 that Bosch would be expanding their FLEXIDOME and DINION ranges, we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these new models. Finally, the DINION Starlight 6000/7000 and FLEXIDOME Starlight 6000/7000 VR units are now available – aiming to offer high-performance security surveillance in the most demanding conditions.


Best seller IP camera contenders for 2017

January 25th, 2017 by Network Webcams

List of the Best seller IP camera contenders for 2017With a continually growing catalogue of IP cameras to choose from, it can be tricky trying to decide which camera is the best fit for your requirements. As always, our aim is to make it easier for the customer to find the right camera and we recently brought you a blog that looked back and highlighted our best selling cameras for 2016. This time, we’re narrowing the field by looking ahead and listing models that we feel have all the right attributes to make them a popular choice in 2017.

We’ve selected a variety of camera types in a broad price range, so whether you need simple monitoring for your retail store or you have more demanding surveillance requirements at a large industrial site, there’s something here of interest.


Best selling IP camera highlights for 2016

January 12th, 2017 by Network Webcams

List of the Best selling IP cameras for 2016Looking back at 2016, it was an interesting year in the IP camera market with a surge of interest in Hikvision cameras (despite some controversial press coverage on the Chinese brand) and the response of other brands to this rise in popularity. We saw brands such as Axis release a flurry of new products during the latter part of 2016 and our Bosch camera category also grew exponentially with new high quality units. New 4K resolution cameras continued to appear through 2016 and whilst the adoption of this resolution has been slow, we can see that advances in compression technology and hardware accelerated image processing is helping make 4K more viable while users wait for network infrastructure and available bandwidth to catch up.


Bosch begin adding edge-based video analytics as standard

August 25th, 2016 by Network Webcams

Bosch video analyticsBosch is renowned in the world of IP CCTV for its background in engineering and the ability to create innovative products.

They’re a manufacturer that prefers to launch new technology only when they’ve been able to maximise its full potential, so when we heard they were introducing edge-based video analytics in their cameras, we wanted to know more.

There are two types of Bosch video analytics – Essential Video Analytics and Intelligent Video Analytics. You could think of these as “Standard” and “Advanced” but it’s fair to say that even the “Standard” version is feature-rich with a varied choice of intrusion, object, direction and behaviour related motion detection rules including people counting and crowd detection.


Network Webcams Adds Bosch to its Range of IP Cameras

July 10th, 2008 by Kevin Bowyer

Bosch logo graphic

We have released for sale a range of IP network cameras from Bosch.

The range includes the Bosch NWC-0455 Dionion compact IP camera, the Bosch NWD-455 FlexiDome IP camera and the Bosch NWD-495 FlexiDomeDN vandal resistant IP camera.

The suite of cameras includes a compact network camera, vandal resistant domes, day/night switching capabilities and all cameras are power over ethernet capable making Bosch an ideal choice for mid-range CCTV security installations.

Bosch IP camera prices start at £389. View the range >>