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NW Brand Refresh for 2022

We’ve written this blog post to make all our customers and regular users aware that we are currently rolling out a branding refresh. Those visiting our websites and interacting with our organisation and staff will note a change in our company logo, and some associated branding, being introduced on our various documents and emails as well as on our websites and other digital assets.

Our websites and documents will be updated as part of this brand refresh, which is starting now and will complete around mid-April 2022. During this time you may still see old logos on documentation and websites until the rollout is complete.

The logo change is as follows:

Network Webcams logo refresh 2022

Important to note is that this is just a logo and general branding update and no change has been made to the company structure, ownership or the services and solutions which NW Security Group provides to its customers either directly, or via this online store under our Network Webcams brand.

We hope that you like our new look and that it helps in recognising our company in your dealings with us.

Published on February 16th, 2022 by Kevin Bowyer

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