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Cyber security and low light performance – must be the Axis P1375

Axis P1375 and P1375-EPart of the P13 range of great ‘all-rounder’ IP cameras, the Axis P1375 and P1375-E have a few unexpected extras. As well as its expected high quality footage, the camera has new cyber security features, like ‘secure boot’, to add extra protection.

This model is among the first to feature the new ARTPEC-7 chipset and Lightfinder 2.0 to boost low light performance.

Without further ado, let’s find out a bit more about these new models.

New chip, new possibilities

Axis’ new, more powerful processor – ARTPEC-7 – has been included in this camera.

ARTPEC-7 is unique to Axis. They are one of only a few manufacturers who design and construct their own chips. Built to power security devices only, this is a competitive advantage and one of the reasons why Axis leads the industry as they do.

“It’s 100 per cent optimizsed for creating high-quality Axis network video solutions.”

Johan Paulsson, Axis Chief Technology Officer

ARTPEC-7 has increased cyber security capabilities. This model features a method of detecting unauthorised firmware. If this happens, the unit goes into secure boot mode and restores itself to a known/trusted state. Reassuring, when stories of hacked cameras are appearing so regularly in the news.

Find out more about the ARTPEC-7 chip capabilities in this blog.

One of the largest changes is how the chip processes images, particularly in low light, which has led to…

Lightfinder 2.0 – enhanced colour in low light conditions

One of the biggest challenges for successful surveillance is low light conditions, when cameras can struggle to see anything in detail and can suffer from high noise output.

The increased processing power of the new chip has enabled Axis to significantly improve its colour output within its low-light video. It’s now able to offer realistic “true” colour at night, with a significant improvement in this capability over Lightfinder version 1.

The video below which uses footage taken from the P1375-E and shows day and night footage.

It looks impressive going from daytime to a realistic colour image in very dark conditions, with a dynamic range large enough so that even stars are visible. However, what’s missing here is a comparison to what the naked eye or even another camera would be able to pick up. We will perform our own tests on this soon.

Just a quick note, the minimum level of illumination for colour varies depending on the camera resolution and frame rate. For example, at 1080p running at 25/30 fps you’ll get colour images down to 0.05 lux, but this performance decreases as the frame rate increases since more processing capacity is taken to deliver the higher frame rate.

Footage in complete darkness

Impressive as the low light capability of the P1375-E is, it doesn’t come with IR built in as standard.

Axis P1375-E with illuminator installed underneath the cameraIf you have complete darkness on your site, an additional infrared illuminator kit is available. This kit is mounted unobtrusively beneath the camera and is available as an optional extra. Of course, if you can even marginally light the scene with white light you’ll get the benefit of Lightfinder 2.0 and colour video, over a monochrome image when the scene is lit by the infrared illuminator.

Electronic image stabilisation

Outdoor cameras, especially those mounted on poles, can be subject to movement due to wind or traffic. Electronic image stabilisation filters out the vibration, producing footage with minimal movement, at the expense of a small cropping of the view.

Originally found in the premium Q range, electronic image stabilisation has now filtered down to the P range. Another feature which makes this camera so attractive for outdoor monitoring and in areas subject to some vibration.

Other important features

The Axis P1375-E is enclosed within an IP67-rated casing to keep it safe from tampering, dust, and water immersion. This gives the camera the robust, resilient exterior to offer long term monitoring outdoors.

Both cameras include encoding in either H.264 or H.265. Combining Zipstream with H.264 or H.265 can reduce bitrates for the video stream by an average of over 20% compared to previous chips.

As you may expect, the P1375 & P1375-E also supports edge recording to an SD card or network share.

A good all-round surveillance solution

The depth of features enabled in the Axis P1375 and P1375-E make it a great all-round solution for general surveillance. It suits high security areas like ferry terminals which require high quality footage, while keeping storage demands to a minimum.

Published on August 29th, 2019 by Network Webcams

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