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Crucial steps when installing Milestone XProtect for the first time – installation and beyond

Milestone Smart Client view of multiple cameras with a ticked checklistCongratulations you’ve purchased Milestone XProtect and have got a Software Licence Code (SLC), what do you do next?

This blog runs through the steps to get you up and running on this powerful video management software. We also cover where to look for help and how to get the best out of your system.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our pre-installation pro tips for advice on how to choose the right hardware to run XProtect on and how to set up your XProtect system. Now your hardware is ready, let’s begin.

Step 1 – register for a My Milestone account

Firstly, you’ll need to create a My Milestone account to register your software and download your SLC .lic file.

Although it can be frustrating to register for an account, you’ll need this when you’re managing product licenses and drivers. It also has help resources and learning modules that you can access. More on that later…

Step 2 – software download

Download your XProtect software, ensuring you download the correct version for your SLC. Note that the software download may be called ‘XProtect VMS Products’ like it is for XProtect Express+ which is a little confusing.

It’s best practice to save the installation files and recording footage in separate drives. Typically, you would install the software onto the C drive of your machine and set up your recordings to a different drive or volume.

Step 3 – install, configure and license the core software

Now you’ve saved your .lic file, open it to start your installation.

The infographic below shows you the main steps, alternatively read the how to license your XProtect installation blog which walks you through the process.

Step 4 – install the Smart Client (viewing software)

The Smart Client enables you to control cameras as well as viewing your live and recorded footage. It contains an easy to navigate video timeline and investigation tools for finding and reviewing incidents.

It can be installed on any machine with full access to the server you’ve installed the core software on. There are both 32 and 64bit versions of the Smart Client, depending on your machine. If you have a GFX card or a CPU with Intel QuickSync, this will give you hardware acceleration and better video decoding performance for your live viewing. You’ll be able to view many more cameras with the same machine if you have hardware acceleration.

You can download the Smart Client from http://[your-IP-address]/installation on the machine you installed the software on or from the Milestone website downloads section.

To view your footage on the go, download the Milestone Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 5 – network time

Time sync is an often-overlooked element of a security system. Recordings are virtually useless as evidence if the time stamp is not correct.

Make sure you use the same time server on your cameras as you do on your PC or server. This ensures that all time stamps are correct and is also useful if you are using edge recording (to an SD card). The right time stamp ensures that retrieved edge recordings slot into the correct place on the XProtect timeline and do not overwrite existing recordings.

That’s it! Your system should be set up for you.

Got stuck? Here’s where to look for help

Milestone also has an in depth administrator manual. This manual is a comprehensive guide to both installing and using use XProtect.

Get to know the Milestone system by using the free training on the customer learning portal. The training videos and interactive sessions give you a very neat and comprehensive introduction to the technology and the system.

Network Webcams customers can contact our Milestone certified technical team for help and guidance.

Final thoughts

Milestone is a powerful piece of software which means you need to prepare the right hardware and having the right understanding to get the best out of the software. This can be fairly easy to achieve with a little time and familiarity.

By following these pro tips, you are in a better position to successfully commission a Milestone system. Plus, you now know where to go for help!

Did you know that our team of Milestone Certified professionals are highly experienced with Milestone and can provide a support service which includes administering and troubleshooting your system on your behalf, taking the pain away and ensuring your system is always running optimally? Contact us for a Professional Services quotation.

Published on August 13th, 2019 by Kevin Bowyer

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