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Exclusive special offer – Axis P14 and P32 series cameras with free XProtect Express+ licences

August 7th, 2019 by Amy Watkins

Axis P14 & P32 cameras with XProtect Express+ with Care Plus

Introducing our exclusive summer offer – purchase any Axis P14 or P32 camera and claim a Milestone XProtect Express+ software licence and 1-year Care Plus – FREE.

This exclusive offer includes the full range of P14 series bullet and P32 dome cameras. When you purchase a camera from either series from Network Webcams, you can claim a free Milestone XProtect Express+ base licence, camera licence and 1-year of Care Plus.

If you already have a Milestone Express+ system get in touch and we’ll provide you with a quote. The quote will include your camera(s), free camera licence and Care Plus. Simply let us know your SLC and we’ll do the rest!

The offer is open to businesses and public sector organisations.

Benefits of Axis and Milestone combined

The Axis P range is versatile, secure and can be used in any environment. The P14 fixed bullet cameras and P32 fixed dome cameras contain a rich feature set which makes monitoring busy areas, around the clock, simple with detailed filled footage. As they can be used both indoors or outdoors, the versatility of these cameras make them a great buy for most sites.

Axis is built on an open platform, allowing P14 & P32 cameras to integrate seamlessly with software such as Milestone.

To manage your security system, Milestone offer XProtect Smart Client, Web Client and Milestone Mobile. This enables you to access real-time situational overviews of both your system and its configured alarms across devices.

Features like the Smart Search tool which makes it easy to find relevant video footage – fast, make Milestone the VMS market leader.

Unbeatable value for new and existing systems

With clear 24-hour video footage in any lighting condition, Axis P14 and P32 cameras are perfect for those looking for high quality, feature packed footage. Milestone XProtect Express+ is ideal for businesses with a single site and less than 48 IP cameras or devices on their network.

If you’re setting up a new system or adding to an existing one, this deal with give you BOTH a quality camera and VMS in one!

All in all, this deal provides you with a comprehensive and scalable recording solution.

Take a look at the Axis P14 and P32 range for more details.

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