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Evaluation of Axis Camera Station recording solution

Axis Camera Station one one monitor and mobileAxis Camera Station (ACS) is video management software which enables you to manage your cameras in one simple interface. ACS has been around for over 10 years and been through a number of iterations. This gives ACS a long track record, making it a proven solution for small and mid-sized organisations. As ACS has been developed in-house by Axis, it’s a reliable and mature VMS solution.

Many organisations choose generic video management software for the ability to integrate any camera and crucially the reassurance that software is updated frequently. With Axis Camera Station 5 you’ll benefit from frequent updates and the ability to intgrate third party devices.

One of the main reasons to choose ACS is budget: software and licences are purchased up front and that’s it. No reoccurring payments, making it much easier for organisations who struggle with a subscription model.

An overview of Axis Camera Station

ACS enables you to view and manage feeds from cameras and other IP devices in one easy to use interface. As an Axis solution, it’s intended to work best with their products, though it does offer third party camera support. The software can also be used with multiple servers.

To help make it easier to navigate around your site, the map function enables you to quickly switch to the camera feed you wish to see. Ideal if you’re monitoring your feeds on one screen.

ACS has tools to assist with pinpointing an incident like instant replay, scrubbing and fast replay. Bookmarks help you to save clips and find them again later. Exporting footage is simple and the exported footage can be viewed on any device. There can be a limitation on viewing footage when it needs to be protected and validated.

In short, you can manage the security of an entire site from ACS. As you’d expect, there’s also a mobile app, so you can view footage on the go.

This Axis video gives a useful overview of the ACS functionality.

As shown in the video ACS can work with more than cameras. Access control, network audio, panic buttons and a host of other products can be integrated. Take a look at our earlier blog on the on the integration capabilities within ACS to learn more.

Technical requirements

As a video management system dealing with camera feeds it is important to properly specify the hardware on which it will run to avoid bottlenecks or performance issues. Axis offer pre-specified hardware and NVRs with guaranteed performance, and these units work very well.

If you’re deploying your own hardware we strongly advise you to get a system design done which takes into account all the necessary factors for determining system performance such as resolution, framerates and other recording parameters. Our support team can advise on hardware requirements.

Generally, commodity desktop PCs should not be used for VMS systems. Here is where the security system and VMS will be a success or failure, so ensure the right system is put in place.

What makes ACS stand out?

In short Axis Camera Station stands out due to it’s simplicity. It provides all the functionality that most small and medium sized organisations require. Combined with an easy to use interface which you’d expect from Axis.

ACS lacks the ability to manage complex installations, but for small to medium installations it’s ideal.

From a budgeting point of view ACS is also easy. The main software has a one-off cost, plus licences for every device that’s added, and that’s it.

If you use the Axis Integrator Suite, your bill of materials can be imported to Axis Camera Station, so your installation can be tested against the design specification.

When you’d use ACS

Axis Camera Station is a great product which suits businesses looking for reliable security software with a one-off cost. The only additional charges from ACS is when you add devices, which require a licence. There’s a possibility that when ACS moves to a new version there could be a charge to upgrade, as there was for systems over 32 devices moving from ACS 4 to 5.

This simpler cost structure combined with easy to use software means the Axis Camera Station is a great choice for small and medium businesses who have a predominantly Axis system.

Published on February 14th, 2019 by Network Webcams

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