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Vivotek, Mobotix & Axis make strides in cyber security

Vivotek camera with a padlockThree separate companies have recently made strides to make their IP cameras more secure. Vivotek have announced a collaboration with a cyber security company. Mobotix have passed a penetration test on their hardware and software. Finally, Axis offer free email alerts if new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Vivotek partners with Trend Micro

In October Vivotek announced a collaboration with Trend Micro, a cyber security company, to reduce vulnerabilities in their products. What this means for Vivotek customers is they now have and extra layer of security with Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion technology to be embedded into Vivotek cameras.

These new measures apply to more recent Vivotek models. For example, the following models have a 1-year free trial:

If you find a potential vulnerability or have a security concern, you can report it to [email protected] Their cybersecurity team will then reply within 72 hours and publish the results should the issue be a new one.

Mobotix Cactus Concept

Vivotek aren’t alone in their focus on cyber security. In September Mobotix passed a SySS GmbH penetration test of their hardware and software. According to their website, SySS GmbH is the European market leader in penetration testing.

Mobotix are also trying to educate customers about cyber security with their ‘cactus concept’. See how it works in their video:

Axis cyber security

Unlike the other brands above, Axis haven’t teamed up with high profile cyber security experts (that we know of). They do however provide a lot of information on cyber security and have regular firmware updates, plus their own cyber security experts are highly knowledgeable.

Axis’ cyber security program is very mature and operates transparently, plus is combined very closely with the firmware rollout program.

Importantly at the bottom of their cyber security page, you can also sign up to receive vulnerability alerts and patches. This is a great innovation, as without reminders, it’s tricky to stay on top of cyber security vulnerabilities.

Our view

It’s a great step to see these manufacturers taking cyber security so seriously. As IP cameras are added into an organisation’s network, if they’re not secured, they can provide a way in to wider IT systems. A security camera should make an organisation more secure, not introduce a vulnerability.

“This is a very welcome step and I applaud these companies for taking a stand in such a crucial, but often overlooked area. Cyber security is not an area to overlook, but because of its highly technical aspects organisations sometimes fail to understand it fully and don’t take it seriously enough. It often does not form part of the discussions when choosing a camera system or supplier, but it always should. Initiatives like these help to provide trust in the brands and to educate the marketplace and the end user.”

Kevin Bowyer

Is it time for you to add cyber security to your camera buying checklist?

Published on November 26th, 2018 by Network Webcams

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