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How to select the right Milestone product

Milestone recording software is a powerful way of analysing and acting on information from connected IP devices. This could be anything from opening a barrier to an authorised vehicle or finding footage from incident which occurred last week. As an open-platform it’s compatible with thousands of different cameras, fantastic if your system has built up over time and is comprised of different makes and models.

What can sometime stump customers is choosing the right XProtect product. There’s an array from the entry level Essential+ up to Corporate, with each one successively expanding the feature set. If you’d like a steer on which might be suitable for your organisation, read on.

Small sites = XProtect Essential+

If you need to monitor one site with less than 8 cameras then the free Essential+ is your best option. It works with virtually any camera, contains built-in motion detection and supports third-party integrations.

Up to 48 cameras on one site = XProtect Express+

For companies with a limited number of devices Express+ is a great choice. It offers the ability to integrate alarm management with your security devices and has advanced video search capabilities. You can also add multi-layer maps to get an overview of your site. Finally you’re able to use the latest H.265, 4k and ultra HD cameras.

Unlimited cameras on one site or multiple sites = XProtect Professional+

Professional+ is designed for organisations who require central surveillance of any number of devices and can be used across one site or multiple sites. It also supports cameras with edge-based storage to ensure uninterrupted recording.

Multiple sites with redundancy on recording servers = XProtect Expert

If you need to ensure your footage continues even if your servers fail, then Expert has hot-standby and cold-standby recording servers which minimise disruption. For organisations concerned about video integrity, then end to end encryption and digital signing can be easily set up.

Connecting several larger sites = XProtect Corporate

Corporate has been designed to act as a central hub as part of an interconnected system, for large organisations or those with very high security needs and includes the Milestone smart wall as standard. It also includes evidence lock, which can secure recordings for longer with manual overrides of the normal retention time.

Upgrades and legacy products

As all the products from Essential+ to Corporate use the same code base its easy to upgrade if you wish to do so. The exceptions are Express and Professional which are legacy products built on a different code base, making upgrading slightly more complicated as you have to uninstall one to install the other.

Protect your investment with Care Plus

All Milestone purchases come with Care Basic which gives you access to support and 30% off trade in to a new system. However, to keep your system secure and up to date, you may want to consider upgrading to Care Plus.

The key benefit of Care Plus is that you receive updates and new functionality automatically. With four device packs per year and regular product innovations, it is the best way to secure your system as you’ll always have the latest software and patches.

Quite apart from the data security aspects of automatic updates, you may find that Care Plus pays off in the long run too. The following figures are based on the current prices for a 16 camera system on Milestone XProtect Express+.

  1 year 2 year 3 year 5 year
Base licence £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 £18.00
Camera licence x16 £880.00 £880.00 £880.00 £880.00
Care plus £160 £304 £400 £560
Total £1058.00 £1202.00 £1298.00 £1458.00
Cost per year   £601.00 £432.67 £291.60

Prices correct at 7/8/18

If you have Care Basic and later choose Care Plus, then your minimum opt in period is 3 years. The same applies if your Care Plus has expired and you wish to renew at a later date.

There you have it, a guide to the main features of the Milestone software range with pointers on which might be suitable for your organisation, depending on your needs. This guide has covered the main features of each product, for more information take a look at our pages or the Milestone website.

Published on August 15th, 2018 by Network Webcams

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