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How to license Milestone XProtect

How to license Milestone XProtectMilestone XProtect is a great VMS platform and like any commercially-offered software, it is a paid-for product that has a licensing mechanism. In the case of XProtect, licensing can be done both online (with a connection to the Internet on the server with the software installed) or offline.

The process can seem complex but is actually quite simple. If you’ve bought your software through Network Webcams, we provide you with a guide to licensing along with your license key (or SLC – Software License Code – as Milestone calls it). This blog has been created to help you go through the registration process with ease.

There are a number of things that need to be in place before the XProtect software is installed. Let’s go through the process.

1. You receive your Software License Code (SLC)

When you buy Milestone XProtect licenses, you provide the SLC of the system, and the new licenses are applied against that SLC. You will receive the software license code shortly after you purchase Milestone XProtect. All versions of XProtect require an SLC unless you are using the limited free version for evaluation.

2. Create a MyMilestone account

In order to access the software registration portal, you’ll need to create a My Milestone account.

The account also gives you access to useful information about the CarePlus program, access to knowledgebase articles, live chat for license-related issues and access to the support community forum as well as useful manuals and guides and the Milestone eLearning portal, which we highly recommend.

3. Create an account on the software registration portal, accessed under ‘support’

In the support section (found in the footer) you’ll see a link to software registration. We’ve had some reports of issues with customers being unable to log in to the software registration portal with your My Milestone account. We have raised this with Milestone.

You can also access the Milestone Software Registration portal directly.

If you are not able to log in with your My Milestone account just create a new Licence registration login for the purpose of managing your SLC. If you have any issues accessing the license registration portal please use the License Chat facility on your My Milestone pages to speak directly to a license support person who can help you.

4. Register your SLC with the registration portal

Register a new Milestone XProtect license
When you are in the license registration portal you add your SLC, which associates your code with your license registration portal account. Your account allows you to manage the license and see at all times what ‘state’ it is in, when your CarePlus expires, how many devices are licensed etc.

It’s a good idea to add as many details about your installation as possible when requested in the registration process.

5. Download the ‘initial .lic’ file

Registration portal screenshot with link to initial.lic file

The initial .lic file is the file that you will need when you install the product. Download this from the registration portal. You will need a new .lic each time you upgrade the software or if you need to use the offline licensing process.

6. Use the .lic file you downloaded to license the product as you install it

During the installation process the XProtect software will ask you to browse to the .lic file. Once selected, the installation can continue.

If you decide to install the free or trial version you may not need a .lic key file. When you then need to properly license the product you can import your full license key file.

7. Once you’ve added your devices, use the ‘license online’ facility to fully license the system

Screenshot of Milestone XProtect with full licence button highlighted

The initial .lic file does not fully license the product, since prior to installation XProtect is not aware of the number of cameras and other devices you will be using with the software. So, at the end of your installation and configuration process visit the license page in the software and either license the product online, if it has an internet connection, or export an LRQ (license request) file for import into the registration portal, where you will then be able to download a new .lic for import into the software.


The upgrade process also requires licensing. If an upgrade is available there will be a message shown in the license registration portal.

Upgrade notice in XProtect

If you have CarePlus on your SLC you can upgrade to the latest version each time a new one is released. Milestone release a new version 3 times each year and each comes with bug fixes, new features, cyber security patches and can be installed, generally, directly over the existing installation. In cases where a distributed installation method is used please consult us, or your supplier on how best to upgrade.

Published on May 22nd, 2018 by Kevin Bowyer

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