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Product video: Does the Mobotix M26’s features live up to expectations?

new demo video for the Mobotix M26 IP cameraTo highlight the broad range of IP cameras we offer at Network Webcams; our latest product video showcases the feature-set of an IP camera from a manufacturer who has pioneered the decentralised approach to IP CCTV – Mobotix. The M26 Allround IP camera is part of the latest Mx6 Series and is available in both day and night versions, with a wide selection of lenses available. When the Mx6 Series was first announced we were excited to see what was included in this new range. After learning what new and interesting features Mobotix had introduced, we decided to put a unit to the test see how it performed.

The Mobotix M26 Allround IP camera makes use of its powerful dual core processor to deliver high-quality video footage with much improved frame rates when compared to its M25 predecessor – capturing 6 megapixel images at 12 frames per second (fps), or HD 720p at up to 42 fps. A large range of lenses are available, ranging from a fisheye lens that provides panoramic overviews, through to an 8° super-tele lens which is ideal for long distance surveillance requirements. All lenses are available in both day or night versions, giving you complete flexibility when choosing the most suitable lens to meet your viewing requirements.

Moonlight technology ensures that highly detailed images with significantly reduced motion blurring can be captured in low light. In addition to the standard compression formats included in all Mobotix cameras (MxPEG and MJPEG), the Mx6 Series now offers support for H.264. This provides more options when selecting the right codec for your application and helps manage bandwidth requirements more efficiently.

Other features found in the Mobotix M26 include: –

  • Decentralised system – pioneered by Mobotix, each camera is a self-contained surveillance system with the ability to process and store video on-board using built-in software and MicroSD card storage.
  • Two-way audio – support for audio via built-in speaker and microphone, giving the user ability to communicate within the field of view.
  • Weather and vandal-resistant casing – designed for durable external use and housed in an IP66 and IK10-rated casing – providing protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Edge storage – the built-in MicroSD card (not included) offers a helpful backup of data if the network fails and allows the camera to be used in a stand-alone set up.
  • Multicast streaming – allows multiple users to simultaneously access a full, or cropped out region of the video stream, without reducing the frame rate or affecting performance.
  • PoE – Power-over-Ethernet supplies the unit with both power and network connectivity over a single cable for a quick and cost-effective installation.
  • Mobotix MxManagementCenter – free video management software with no license fees or update costs. In addition, the Mobotix iOS app is available and provides users with remote access to video footage from a mobile device.
  • MxActivitySensor – intelligently detects movement and filters interference such as extraneous shadows or the movement of interior fixtures – reducing false alarms.
  • MxAnalytics – collects statistical behaviour data on people and objects through heat maps, highly frequented areas and people counting.

The camera was installed in our outdoor testing area and captured video during the day and at night. Watch the video below to see the results.

Please note that footage was captured at HD 1080p for editing purposes.

During the day, the Mobotix M26 delivered highly-detailed images that had great balance and true colour integrity – even with the dull weather conditions. At night we can see Mobotix’s Moonlight technology in full effect – utilising all available light to produce rich, full colour images.

With its powerful sensor, robust housing and multiple lens options, the M26 Allround network camera is an ideal choice if you are looking for a flexible solution that can stand up to demanding outdoor locations. Additionally, due to having no moving parts such as fans or heaters, you can keep energy costs down with the camera typically requiring less than 5 watts of power. Based on our tests, we feel that this particular model would be an ideal CCTV choice for applications such as monitoring university campuses, train station terminals and car parks.

Published on November 24th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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