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Product video: Does the Axis M1065-LW deliver a suitable indoor CCTV solution?

new demo video for the Axis M1065-LW IP cameraWhen it comes to indoor CCTV surveillance, Axis have a diverse range of IP camera solutions to choose from that offer a host of interesting features and viewing angles up to 360°. From this varied selection we have chosen to highlight the Axis M1065-LW for our latest product video – due to its attractive feature-set, HD resolution, cost-effective price and ease of installation.

This compact unit provides a horizontal viewing angle of 110°, giving you wide coverage of indoor locations in full HD 1080p resolution – at up to 25 frames per second (fps). Images captured in high contrast scenes are improved with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. By ensuring details in both bright and dark areas are not lost, objects and individuals can be more easily identified. Not limited to only monitoring during the day, this model supports true day/night recording and offers improved imaging in low light thanks to the integrated IR LEDs that illuminate up to 10m.

The camera’s integrated microphone and speaker supports two-way communication and also allows you to record audio clips that can be played on an event basis. Easy-to-install, the M1065-LW wireless model can be set up using the handy ‘one-click’ pairing function. Alternatively, a ‘non-wireless’ unit is available (M1065-L) which supports Power-over-Ethernet – delivering power and network connectivity to the camera over a single cable for cost-effective installation. Axis also supply both these units with a corner wall bracket and table-top stand to provide a flexible choice of mounting options.

Other features included in the Axis 1065-LW are: –

  • Axis’ award-winning Zipstream technology – helps to lower bandwidth and storage requirements. It does this by analysing and optimising the video stream in real time, recording interesting detail in high quality, whilst filtering other areas out.
  • Passive infrared sensor (PIR) – picks up movement even in near darkness, and can be used alongside camera-based video motion detection alarms to help alert users of possible incidents.
  • MicroSD card storage – we offer a free 64gb SD card with every Axis camera, allowing recordings to be stored locally and the camera to be used as a standalone unit.
  • Axis companion applicationfree software that offers simple video management for up to 16 camera channels and is available as a PC client or mobile application for iOS and android devices. This handy software also provides remote access to live views, as well as playback of recordings.

We positioned the camera overlooking our upstairs office – capturing footage during a normal working day with/without audio, and then throughout the night with infrared activated. To see the results of these recordings, take a look at the video below.

For day time recording we activated the cameras WDR feature so we could manage image exposure due to strong back-light being present. When the integrated microphone was prompted to record, it could audibly pick up the office radio without it being drowned out by server fans and other noise pollution. At night, the IR LEDs illuminate the room well – allowing for any ‘would-be’ intruder to be detected.

After putting it through its paces, we feel that the Axis M1065-LW wireless network camera is a great choice if you are after an affordable indoor IP camera that provides high resolution CCTV footage – round-the-clock. With its handy range of features, easy-to-install mounting options and free Axis Companion software – this camera will deliver a flexible monitoring solution for home users and any small scale or medium business application.

Published on October 23rd, 2017 by Network Webcams

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