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Hikvision bans online resell worldwide

Hikvision logoAs part of a new global strategy, Hikvision has recently decided to stop all resell channels that serve end users directly, including online resellers such as Network Webcams. Hikvision insists that their Hikvision branded products are highly technical devices that require substantial knowledge for installation, which is the reason given for the decision behind the strategy to shut down all online resellers / retailers worldwide.

The news was brought to us without much notice and came unexpected. We have been authorised to resell the Hikvision products as Hikvision Gold Partners online over the last few years but the sudden change in Hikvision’s strategy means that we can no longer offer this product online.

We apologise to our customers who have been using Network Webcams to make Hikvision purchases but no longer will be able to do so in future. This change is out of our control.

It goes without saying that we will continue to provide our customers with technical support and facilitate any warranty claims for Hikvision equipment bought through Network Webcams over the last few years.

Hikvision was the low cost option within our product offering. To give our customers an alternative, we have recently added a new value brand: Samsung Wisenet. We have become Authorised Gold Partners in recent weeks and offer the full Samsung Wisenet product range, which is backed up by our IP video expertise and support as usual.

Published on October 13th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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