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Why choose a Milestone Husky M20?

Milestone Husky M20 network video recorderSetting up a surveillance system can often be a daunting task and with so many different video monitoring solutions to choose from, you may find yourself asking the question: ‘How can I make this job as quick and straightforward as possible?’.

Fortunately, Milestone designed the Husky M20 in response to the need for versatile video solutions that can be deployed quickly. Sitting between its two siblings (the M10 and M30) in the ‘Business-ready’ NVR range, this compact NVR packs a big punch and combines some handy features to help you get your surveillance system up and running in no time.

With the ability to power, record and efficiently manage up to 16 IP cameras – we like to think of the M20 as ‘Milestone in a box’. This means that with the purchase of just one piece of hardware, you have all the essentials required to deliver a reliable surveillance solution for your small to medium-sized business.

Thousands of supported cameras

Staying true to Milestone’s ‘Open Platform’ design, the Husky M20 is compatible with over 6,000 different IP camera models from more than 100 manufacturers – and these numbers are still increasing. This means you can maximise the capability of every IP camera in a new or existing system, with less likelihood of compatibility issues – something that is often a restriction when using a camera manufacturer’s own network video recorder. In addition, the unit’s disk sub-system supports a 200 Mb/s recording rate to enable use of the latest high-megapixel cameras and you can easily check if your device is compatible using Milestone’s handy Supported Device Search.

High-performance with Milestone XProtect included as standard

The M20 is pre-installed with an NVR-optimsed version of Milestone XProtect Professional VMS which delivers reliable surveillance, thanks to a wealth of features including video motion detection alarms, archiving to NAS and multi-layered maps. There are two variants available, with either 8 or 16 pre-licensed channels, meaning there is no need to purchase XProtect Professional base or device licences after the initial purchase of the box – it’s already there for you. Plus, your system can be scaled up to 32-channels using Milestone’s device licence 4-packs and an additional PoE switch. Thanks to XProtect Professional’s multi-server support, the M20 can also be integrated into a large video network and connected to other Milestone Husky’s or XProtect systems in a master/slave set-up – helpful if you ever want to increase your system past 32 channels.

Milestone XProtect Professional VMS and Care PlusWhen it comes to adding Care Plus, Milestone has done some clever thinking to make it even easier to protect your system and keep it updated with the latest software versions. Instead of buying Care Plus for each device in your system, you now purchase 1-Year of Care Plus for the single M20 box. You don’t even have to get Care Plus straight away, it can be purchased at any time and will cover every connected device in your system – regardless of whether the device has been added before or after the purchase of Care Plus. This gives you great flexibility and is especially handy for price-conscious customers who can purchase the box and get their system up and running, then incorporate peace-of-mind with the addition of Care Plus at a later date.

Milestone’s three free user-friendly interfaces are also supported, making it easy to view and operate your system – anytime, anywhere. The XProtect Smart Client enables on-site management, while the XProtect Web Client provides access to your system via any internet-enabled device. Plus, the Milestone Mobile app is also available for iOS and Android devices, delivering live views and recording playback – on the go.

As close to ‘plug-and-play’ as it gets

We don’t tend to use the phrase ‘plug-and-play’ with any NVR (despite any manufacturer claims), but Milestone has certainly made sure that set-up and configuration of the M20 is as straightforward as can be. Each supported IP device can be connected directly into the M20’s integrated PoE+ switch, which offers a PoE budget of 250W and can deliver PoE to a total of 8 or 16 IP cameras (model dependent). Having the PoE+ switch ‘built-in’ means that you don’t have to purchase any additional hardware as power is taken directly from the box; this simplifies installation and reduces hardware costs – another win for the M20 in our books. On top of this, hot-swappable drives make replacing the unit’s 12TB (model dependent) of Western Digital Purple HDDs a breeze – whilst also providing an added benefit of no system downtime, should you ever need to change a hard drive.

The two words we commonly hear when the M20 is mentioned are ‘Smart Start’; a handy feature which enables compatible IP devices to be automatically set up in XProtect Professional when connected to the unit. This includes configurations such as automatic camera discovery, setting an IP address and the allocation of camera storage to the M20’s two hard drives. Features such as Smart Start are created to help make the set-up process as straightforward of a task as possible. This being said, the end result will often be a surveillance system that is set up to a very basic level. To get the most out of your NVR and tailor it to your specific monitoring requirements, it is very likely that additional configurations will be required. Luckily, the M20 offers an alternative ‘advanced’ interface mode for those with more expertise to do just this.

Powerful and adaptable

M20 offers support for local monitor connectionBuilt on the latest Intel Skylake processor, the M20 offers high-level performance whilst remaining power-efficient. The inclusion of this powerful processor means that the M20 is the only Husky unit (so far) which can fully support and run a locally connected HD monitor – allowing you to create a standalone CCTV surveillance solution. Workstation set-ups like this are particularly ideal for smaller monitoring systems such retail stores or hospitality venues.

You then have the choice of taking this basic monitoring set-up a step further with the connection of external devices into the unit’s four I/O ports and even using Milestone add-ons and third-party integrations. This enables you to add an extra dimension to your security operations, incorporating solutions such as an alarms or access control.

At first glance, the Husky M20 looks to be the ‘middleman’ between Milestone’s entry-level M10 and their mid-range M30. However, on closer inspection the M20 is so much more than that; especially when you consider handy features such as:

  • An integrated 8 or 16 port PoE+ switch – which reduces hardware costs with all connected cameras being powered directly from the M20 box
  • Support for the connection of a local monitor – offering small to medium-sized businesses an easy-to-set up, standalone surveillance solution
  • 3-year hardware warranty – offering peace-of-mind following your investment
  • Care Plus – which can be added at any time and allows you to keep your system up to date

These, combined with a host of other helpful extras help to make the Milestone Husky M20 a powerful and straightforward surveillance solution that you can rely on. The Milestone Husky M20 is available at Network Webcams – if you have any queries about its suitability for your own business application, just get in touch for free pre-sales advice.

Published on August 22nd, 2017 by Network Webcams

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