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The Mobotix Mx6 Series: An intelligent, powerful and flexible IP camera system

Mobotix Mx6 Series now available at Network WebcamsFollowing the announcement of their new Mx6 Series, we have been intrigued to see just what Mobotix has included in their latest ‘powerful’ and high-performance range. Initially, nine outdoor-ready units were released earlier this year and now the launch of four new indoor models finally completes the Mx6 Series.

At first glance, the Mx6 range looks almost identical to its Mx5 predecessors, and this indeed seems to be the case – in physical terms. The range includes both outdoor-ready dual lens models, as well as indoor and outdoor single lens variants – all of which feature Mobotix’s renowned decentralised system design.

However, Mobotix state that all innovations to the series have been carried out ‘under the hood’ – to the cameras’ mainboard and software. With this in mind, we thought it was time to take a closer look at what’s new in the Mobotix Mx6 Series.

Range of Mobotix Mx6 outdoor-ready dual and single lens models and indoor units

Mobotix Mx6 Series models available at Network Webcams

At the core of each camera lies a new, high-performance CPU which offers more processing power than any other Mobotix IP camera to date. The powerful dual core processor supports the capture of up to twice as many images per second – delivering highly-detailed 6 megapixel images at up to 12 frames per second (fps), Full HD 1080p at full frame rate or HD 720p at 42 fps. This can be especially helpful in areas that feature high levels of activity, but still require smooth and detailed video footage – such as university campuses or in retail applications.

H.264 now supported in all models

The cameras are also the first from Mobotix to include H.264, in addition to the currently supported compression formats: MJPEG and Mobotix’s own MxPEG (specifically designed for security applications). Most IP camera manufacturers have supported H.264 for some time and some have even started to introduce H.265, so it’s good to see Mobotix has now improved its codec selection. As good as Mobotix’s proprietary MxPEG compression may be, the inclusion of H.264 not only offers more options for users to manage their bandwidth, it also keeps Mobotix in the running for deployment in systems where H.264 may be a requirement.

Boost your system’s overall performance

Mobotix has also introduced RTSP/Multicast streaming. This technology allows multiple users to simultaneously access a full, or cropped out region of the video stream from a single Mx6 camera – without reducing the frame rate or affecting performance. In addition, all of the units have the capacity for additional software applications to help increase levels of functionality. 3D motion analysis software is now readily available for non-hemispheric single and dual sensor models, but there has still been no launch date set for licence plate recognition software.

Regular software updates will help to ensure that the system’s performance is continually optimised. Mobotix say this is effectively “future proofing” your camera, which may be a bold claim to make but it undoubtedly helps with longevity – something that’s at the heart of the Mobotix engineering ethos. Mobotix has stated that their next firmware update will provide complete ONVIF compatibility, allowing for easy integration into existing systems but at the moment, only the basic ONVIF functions are currently supported. With no word of a release date for this update, we will keep you informed as to when this enhancement will be available.

Mobotix seems to have finally become more reactive to the market’s requirements with their latest product launch. Even though they have stated their intentions to remain true to their decentralised approach, the addition of technologies such as ONVIF and H.264 look to open up the units to new application and integration options.

Mobotix Mx6 Series cameras are now available at Network Webcams – if you have any queries about which model is the best option to meet your surveillance requirements, just get in touch for free pre-sales advice.

Published on July 20th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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