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Axis enhances Zipstream to embrace new 360° cameras and 4K resolution

New Axis M30 Domes and enhanced ZipstreamIn response to customer demand for video surveillance with improved image quality, resolution, and coverage whilst simultaneously controlling costs in relation to bandwidth and data storage (a significant part of the total cost of a surveillance system), Axis Communications has announced enhancements to its video compression technology, Zipstream. This technology ensures that important forensic details of video footage are maintained, while minimising bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more. Embracing the developments in network camera capabilities, these improvements will allow support for the increased data streaming and storage demands of 360-degree panoramic cameras and models with 4K resolution.

Along with these new improvements to Zipstream, Axis has also announced two new panoramic IP cameras, the Axis M3047-P and Axis M3048-P, which take full advantage of the enhanced Zipstream technology to deliver highly-detailed 360-degree coverage with an affordable price tag.

High-quality coverage with reduced cost

Part of the popular Axis M30 range, these new mini-dome fisheye cameras have a flat and subtle design which is smaller than their predecessors, and with no dome over the lens, these units can provide discreet surveillance with no risk of reflections.

With the Axis M3047-P’s 6-megapixel sensor and the M3048-P’s 12-megapixel sensor, these models boast resolutions previously unseen in this range, delivering excellent image quality, including overall sharpness and sensitivity to light – all at maximum frame rate.

The process of correcting the fisheye’s perspective view or ‘dewarping’ can be performed both camera-side and client-side. Using Axis Camera Station or other available video management systems, the user can easily correct the full 360° overview image in live view or on pre-recorded material.

These cameras can also incorporate some optional accessories, including a vandal-resistant housing for exposed areas that are prone to tampering, a shell that mimics a smoke detector and a black casing to suit different locations.

We can see the combination of these new high resolution mini-domes and the enhanced Zipstream technology being a real cost-effective solution for customers requiring detailed, panoramic coverage of a scene with economic bandwidth use. The Axis M3047-P and M3048-P are planned for release by the end of the month but we will keep you updated when they are listed on our store.

Published on June 27th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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