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Axis’ new generation of positioning cameras offer improved responsiveness across wide locations

New range of Axis positioning cameras deliver high-performance CCTV over large locationsSituational awareness is crucial when it comes to the effective security surveillance of large-scale sites, but if your perimeters are hundreds of kilometres in length, this is a challenging task if using static cameras alone. Axis’ new positioning cameras have been designed to deliver comprehensive monitoring across wide locations and offer faster and more accurate pan/tilt capabilities, giving operators the ability to respond to perimeter breaches and on-site incidents instantly.

Axis has dubbed these models the ‘new generation’ of positioning cameras and will soon release thermal, visual PTZ and bispectral PTZ units:

PT Thermal Network Cameras

Axis’ Q8641-E and Q8642-E PT units will offer high-performance thermal imaging and a 10° field of view which, together with analytics, enables long-range detection of objects and immediate visual confirmation – even in complete darkness.

PTZ Network Cameras

The Axis Q8685-E/-LE visual PTZ positioning cameras will be capable of delivering high-quality HD 1080p resolution video, alongside a powerful 30x zoom and focus recall technology which provides instant focus in predefined areas. The units’ low-light sensitivity, together with Axis’ wide dynamic range (WDR) – Forensic Capture technology ensures the highest image usability, even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

Bispectral PTZ Network Cameras

Axis’ Q8741-E/-LE and Q8742-E/-LE bispectral PTZ units offer a combination of two live streams: one from a thermal sensor and one from a high-definition visual sensor. This dual stream offers the ‘best of both worlds’ by delivering accurate detection and verification, as well as the ability to distinguish colours and details. Both units’ will also include features similar to the Axis Q8685-E/-LE models such as 30x zoom, WDR – Forensic Capture and extreme low-light sensitivity.

Advanced feature-set offers next level performance

Each of the positioning cameras has the potential to provide a 360° unobstructed field of view, as well as a ‘ground to sky’ 135° vertical angle of view. Jerk-free, variable pan/tilt movements (0.05°/s to 120°/s) will allow you to navigate quickly and precisely across a large scene to specific regions – ensuring no activity is missed if an incident was to occur in live view. We feel these advanced capabilities will offer vast benefits within wide area surveillance, eradicating troublesome blind spots and allowing sites of any size to be monitored responsively.

Support for cold start-up in temperatures as low as -40°C and powerful positioning (even in high-wind) offer reliable security monitoring – regardless of weather conditions. In addition, Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) technology helps to reduce the effects of camera movement from vibrations or harsh weather conditions.

All models will be available with a choice of mounts, offering flexibility when mounting in external locations such as directly onto columns, against walls or to a pole. An integrated SFP slot will also be included for easy cable management and offer optional fibre connectivity for long distance network connections.

The Axis Q8741-LE, Axis Q8742-LE and Axis Q8685-LE units’ also feature long-range infrared (IR) illumination for improved visibility during night time. Remote operation of the integrated washer and long-life, silicone wiper allows any rain or dirt that collects on the surface of the lens cover to be removed. This can be especially helpful if a camera is installed in an exposed area such as a harbour, city or airport.

The new generation of Axis positioning cameras are due for release between Q2 – Q3 2017 and look to offer a high-performance surveillance solution for large sites where wide-area coverage from static cameras would not be effective. We will keep you informed as to when they arrive at Network Webcams, but for now, why not take a look at the bitesize video Axis has released which gives a nice overview of the new advanced features.

Published on June 2nd, 2017 by Network Webcams

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