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Milestone energise small to medium-sized systems with two new ‘business-ready’ XProtect products

Milestone XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+ product rangeOver the past decade, Milestone have invested heavily into research and development to ensure their ‘Advanced VMS’ XProtect products (Expert and Corporate) use the highest-performing video management engine for complex, business-critical applications. Organisations with large surveillance systems and those with more demanding technical requirements have clearly benefited from this investment.

However, the number of organisations with small to medium-sized systems is growing and will soon account for more than half of the total video management software market. In light of this, Milestone will soon release XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+, providing this growing customer-base with software that’s been built using the same high-performance architecture as the advanced products.

These two new products will be released on June 8th 2017 and will complement Milestone’s current ‘Business-ready VMS’ portfolio. These new variants of XProtect will provide access to a host of advanced Milestone features – allowing you to take advantage of the latest in IP camera technology, reduce the overall total cost of ownership, and also facilitate easy system upgrade if you ever wish to move up to an ‘Advanced VMS’ product.

The advanced platform that XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+ have been built on does differ quite a bit from that used in XProtect Express and Professional, meaning there will be a fair-sized learning curve for current users who choose to upgrade. However, if you’re an existing Milestone XProtect Express or Professional customer and need advice about upgrading or using this advanced platform, contact us – our expert technical team are Milestone certified and happy to help.

We feel that the introduction of this advanced codebase to Milestone’s ‘business-ready’ product range is a smart move. It will allow them to make further software developments in the future, as well as enable customers to seamlessly grow their system over time and upgrade to more advanced products such as Corporate or Expert – in a matter of minutes.

What improvements can this duo offer?

Milestone have also highlighted some extra benefits that the new ‘plus’ products will provide:

  • Hardware accelerated Video Motion Detection (VMD) offers customers a higher-performing system, but at a reduced total cost thanks to the CPU load reduction – making it possible to add more cameras per server than ever before.

  • Quick and easy system set-up with the ability to configure several cameras, roles and users simultaneously – a handy time saver when deploying or scaling up a system.

  • Be more efficient with the system’s capability to automatically change device configurations when a specific event is triggered. For instance, if motion is detected in an area during an unspecified time, the system can be set to record at a higher frame rate – capturing smoother footage with more detail that can be beneficial when investigating potential incidents.

  • Concentrate on what matters most by sending messages to the Milestone Customer Dashboard based on any system event. This will allow you to be much more proactive when managing your installation and make other users aware of potentiality vital information such as a limited storage space, or if activity is detected ‘after hours’.

  • Remote management of XProtect Express+ or XProtect Professional+ systems can be carried out through a single interface that runs directly on your laptop.

  • Document your deployment with configuration reports and ensure all of your applied system configurations and camera view-zones are documented. This can be extremely useful if in-depth system information is ever required such as for business resumption planning.

“I see two major benefits for integrators and end users with this new set of products. First, the benefit of the much friendlier management interface and the Rules feature in particular, plus the easy migration path for upgrading to Expert or up to Corporate.

Milestone may or may not decide to eventually move all products to the Advanced codebase (I hope that they do). Maintaining two separate strands of development always seemed to me to be counterproductive, so this is a real step in the right direction.”

Kevin Bowyer, Technical Director at NW Systems Group

The new XProtect duo look to be a very interesting development from Milestone, and one that we see being extremely popular with users of small-to-medium-sized systems. Both are due for release on June 8th and we will keep you informed as to when they arrive at Network Webcams.

Published on May 19th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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