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Product video: How well does the Axis M2026-LE perform round-the-clock?

Product video: How well does the Axis M2026-LE perform round-the-clock?Since the Axis M20 series was added to our store near the end of 2016, the M2025-LE and M2026-LE have proven to be a popular choice with customers seeking high quality video monitoring at a cost-effective price.

These two mini-bullet IP cameras are suitable for deployment on ceilings, walls and corners, both indoors and out. An optional recessed wall or ceiling mount can also be used for a neat and more discreet installation. The Axis M2025-LE and M2026-LE add to their versatility by featuring built-in IR at a range of 15 metres for night-time surveillance and Axis’ Corridor Format technology which ensures that the whole sensor covers the area of interest in narrow scenes (ideal for retail store aisles or office corridors).

Even with their small form factor, these cameras are jam-packed with features such as:-

  • Axis Zipstream technology – which analyses and optimises the video stream in real time, recording important details in high quality, whilst filtering out other areas to help reduce bandwidth and storage use.
  • Local storage – an on-board MicroSD card slot (card not included) allows data to be stored locally for a handy backup if network connection is suddenly lost.
  • Wide Dynamic Range – enabling details in scenes with bright and dark areas to be viewed clearly.
  • Weather resistant casing – the housing’s IP66 ingress rating offers protection against inclement weather conditions.
  • Axis Companion application – compatible with this free video management solution which supports up to 16 camera channels. This software offers remote access to live views as well as playback of recordings and is available as a PC client or mobile application.

These features can be found in both models with the core differences only being the size of the sensor module. The M2025-LE has a 2 megapixel sensor which provides 1080p video with a field of view of 115°, while the M2026-LE contains a 4 megapixel sensor which provides more detailed images and an increased field of view of 130° – both recording up to 25fps. It’s worth mentioning that, as we’d expect with an Axis camera, these M20 models also work perfectly with Milestone XProtect.

This is an impressive feature-set for an IP camera in the £300 to £400 price range, but if you’re wondering what the video footage actually looks like – we’ve got you covered. We have produced a short demo video that shows you the camera’s performance in the day, night and with infrared.

During the day the M2026-LE’s 4MP sensor really shows off its power with clear, detailed images covering a wide area thanks to its viewing angle of 130°. As light levels drop, this camera still manages to maintain a good quality image with colour retention and minimal noise levels. When the IR-cut filter and built-in illumination does kick in, events can still be captured even in complete darkness – we thought that cat looked like it was up to no good!

For Axis, having all these features and powerful lenses at this price range is previously unheard of. Axis has clearly stepped up their game to compete with brands in this price bracket and has produced a pair of cameras that are an ideal surveillance solution for any small business.

Published on May 10th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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