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Axis break the mould with their P13 Series update

Axis' update P13 Series with advanced features and new outdoor-ready designPromising features such as improved light sensitivity, better image quality and higher frame rate capabilities, the new Axis P13 models look set to be Axis’ latest ‘all-rounder’ trio. The two 5MP models and 4K Ultra HD unit will all be capable of monitoring large locations and delivering smooth IP video at full frame rate. On top of this, two of the units will also feature an outdoor-ready design that is not currently seen in any other external Axis CS-mount IP camera.

The Axis P1367/-E models support CS and intelligent CS-mount lenses (i-CS), while the Axis P1368-E will be supplied with an i-CS lens as standard. Never before seen in an Axis P-series unit, i-CS lens technology can directly exchange information with the camera such as zoom position, focus and iris opening thanks to an open protocol. Several built-in motors make installation and setup a much quicker task, as no manual configuration is needed. As soon as the user has set the required zoom, the camera automatically sets focus, eliminating the need for manual focusing. Since the camera has information about the setup of the i-CS lens, it can optimise the iris opening for all light conditions. This is particularly beneficial in visitor-attractions applications where clear images are required in locations with constantly changing light conditions such as zoos, theme parks and arenas.

‘True’ outdoor IP cameras

More often than not, Axis include a selection of the latest IP camera technologies with any product update, but with the external P1367-E and P1368-E models, they’ve gone a step further. Steering away from the long-established idea of ‘putting an indoor camera inside a housing’ – Axis has now developed their first ever outdoor-ready CS-mount camera.

Axis P13 outdoor-ready IP Camera Series

On first impression, the updated design doesn’t seem to differ from that of a conventional outdoor fixed IP camera. However, when you take a look ‘under the hood’ it becomes clear to see where Axis has done some very smart thinking.

Internal view of the Axis P13 outdoor-ready IP camera

An innovative mechanical platform is the key to this versatile camera system – offering easy access to connectors and cabling. It also provides more space allowing larger zoom lenses to be installed onto the built-in camera rails. In addition, area coverage can be maximised in vertically orientated scenes, such as train station platforms by using Axis’ Corridor Format and manually rotating the lens 90°.

By incorporating features currently seen only in the Axis Q-Series, alongside an innovative design update that breaks the mould of their traditional P-Series, Axis has definitely grabbed our attention with these new P13 units. With an estimated launch date of Q2 2017, we will be interested to see how these new outdoor-ready cameras stand up to use in the field.

Published on April 28th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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